Nestable Plastic Pallets

Our line of nestable plastic pallets and export pallets, along with all of our pallets, are designed to be hygienic, durable and reusable. If you are seeking high load capacity, affordable nesting pallets for your business’ inventory control, we are sure we can find a product to suit you.

Nestable Plastic Pallet Options for Your Company’s Needs

Our nestable and export pallet options for your company’s storage space include:

1. Nestable Distribution Pallet

This nestable pallet is extremely efficient in its simplicity. It is a one-piece, heavy-duty design, with no welds whatsoever, which also makes it extremely hygienic. It washes off easily, and its design features no pockets where microbes, dirt or other contaminating debris can hide and end up on your product. In addition, our nestable distribution pallet features an anti-slip surface for the safety of your workers and ergonomic handles so that they can more safely and easily lift it. There is room to install grommets on both the top and bottom of this pallet as well to help with load shifting.

This 40” x 48” x 6.5” pallet weighs 29 lbs., with a static load capacity rating of 30,000 lbs. and a dynamic load rating of 3,000 lbs. These pallets are compatible with Coditherm barcoding and logo branding. Designed to increase storage space and capability, they feature multiple leg options to reduce sorting costs and come with an anchor notch for stretch film to make pallet wrapping simple. As with all our plastic pallets, the PSI® Nestable Distribution Pallet is reusable and 100 percent recyclable.

2. Export Pallet

Many industries are in need of one-way shipping pallets, and for those industries, we offer the PSI® Export Pallet. Compression injection molded from 100 percent post-industrial recycled materials for low cost and sustainability, this pallet is an ideal option for one-way material handling shipping solutions and packaging. This is a lightweight, closed-deck surface plastic pallet that will not attract mold or mildew or become infested by pests the way that wood pallets can. In closed distribution systems, you can reuse this pallet multiple times.

We also offer optional snap-on bottom runners for stacking convenience. The Export Pallet measures 40” x 48” by 5” and weighs 17 lbs., with a static load rating of 4,000 lbs. and a dynamic load capacity rating of 1,200 lbs.

3. Closed Deck Nestable Pallet

This is another nestable pallet with a heavy-duty design that is compression injection molded from 100 percent post-industrial recycled materials. Like the standard nestable pallet, it has an anti-slip deck surface. You will choose this pallet for systems where you are moving heavier loads in unsupported racking, as can be commonly found in the food and beverage industry, warehousing and other closed-loop systems. We can also provide a molded-in logo with this pallet.

Economical and durable, this nine-legged pallet is 40” x 48” by 6”, weighs 28 lbs. and has a static load capacity rating of 6,000 lbs., with a dynamic load rating of 2000 lbs.

Order Your Nesting Plastic Pallets From PSI Today

PSI® is a world leader in manufacturing and selling material handling and shipping solution products. We have served companies all over the world and across industries, such as the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, pet food industry, manufacturing and more. You can always count on our products to be hygienic, effective and reliable.

To learn more about finding the right nestable plastic pallet or other shipping solution for your industry, or to order your plastic nestable pallets today, contact us now.

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