ProStack® 4-G NRB Modular Rack (PET bottles)

PSI’s New ProStack® 4 Pocket is the only solution for your 4-gallon NON-Returnable Bottles. The ProStack® PET 4G-NRB modular bottled water rack system offers 360 degrees of bottle protection, debris channel on the bottom of each tunnel, which dramatically reduces leaking or scuffing bottles. Our ProStack® bottled water rack has unmatched durability you won’t find anywhere else. Our 4-gallon water bottle rack offers a number of advantages over metal units. They include reducing bottle damage, lowering maintenance expenses along with a reduced risk of damage to truck bays and trailers. Our ProStack® Modular Racks are built to work with our Double Leg Ratchet Pallet (DLR). Our Double Leg design provides twice the protection from forklift damage than old technology single leg pallets, thus significantly reducing costs, while ensuring maximum production efficiency and safety.


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Choose ProStack Plastic Bottled Water Rack to Protect Your Bottles



One Modular Layer: Eight 15-liter bottles or Eight 4-gallon bottles

Truckload Quantities

13.6 Meter Trailer: 232 ProStack layers + 58 pallets (58 32-bottle ProStack racks)

Container Quantities

20 Ft. Ocean: 64 modular layers and 16 pallets (16 32-bottle ProStack modular racks)

40 FT. HC OCEAN: 164 modular layers and 41 pallets (41 complete 32-bottle ProStack Modular Racks)


Blue or Black ProStack Layers, Black pallet. Custom colors upon request.

Features & Benefits

  • Smaller tunnel diameter to cradle 4-gallon PET non-returnable bottles
  • Molded-in smooth debris channels on the bottom of each tunnel to reduce bottle and label damage
  • Forklift pockets to protect the bottles from forklift impact
  • One-Piece 8-bottle layer to reduce rack deflection
  • Feet down engagement for increase rack stability
  • 9 leg option to eliminate the need for pallet
  • Double Leg pallet design to provide twice damage protection


Introducing the NEW 4-gallon ProStack Modular Racking System. Designed for the 4-gallon PET non-returnable rack market, the 4-G-NRB was engineered from intensive field research and laboratory testing. The molded-in smooth debris channels on the bottom of each tunnel, will dramatically reduce bottle and label damage. These features improve production efficiencies and reduce overhead expenses with longer bottle use. The ProStack Modular Bottle Water storage racks are the cost-effective choice for your operation.

The ProStack 4 Pocket Modular Rack (MPS4) has been our best-selling product since its introduction back in 2008 offering a number of features not found on competing products. Made of high-density polyethylene with ultraviolet stabilizers, the ProStack 4 Pocket features a patented one-piece, injection-molded configuration that offers exceptional durability and stability during transport. We have taken this industry proven design to a new level with the 4-G-NRB which has been designed specifically for the unique requirements of the non-returnable PET bottle.

Other key features include:

  • 360 degree bottle protection that significantly reduces the risk of product loss
  • Integrated forklift layer slots and pallet jack compatibility to provide a wide range of convenient handling options
  • Leg-down engagement with the Double Leg Ratchet pallet for increased strength and stability
  • A double leg pallet design that provides twice the amount of protection against forklift damage
  • Reliable, maintenance-free performance that can be counted on for years of use, backed by an industry leading warranty

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