Case Goods Rack

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. is well-known for its stackable water bottle rack options, but we know companies that need water bottles also often need storage for other small items. It is for this purpose that we offer our case goods rack delivery system. This pallet rack system makes it easy to transport and store smaller goods for your office, warehouse or other facility.

The attractive black rack on blue pallet with dimensions of 40” x 48” by 54” is large enough to hold many of your case goods. Use this case goods rack to easily deliver items like bottled water, snacks, plasticware, coffee, coffee supplies and even actual water coolers or office supplies.

There are three large levels to hold a variety of different items, and the configuration is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of case goods. You can adjust the shelving and custom configure it to organize different product heights. The adjustable middle shelf creates two storage configurations for your convenience. The quick release pins make adjusting the shelves easy, and we offer optional tote storage for small items.

If you need to ship and store water coolers before use, the case goods rack is the perfect solution. Foam padded rails have been added to secure and protect water coolers when you transport them using the case goods rack.

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40" x 48" x 54"


245 lbs.


Black rack Blue pallet

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable shelving can be configured for different product and box heights
  • Foam padded rails secure and protect water coolers
  • Adjustable middle shelf allows two storage combinations
  • The 40″ x 48″ Double Leg Ratchet (DLR) pallet is an integral part of the rack configuration
  • DLR pallet provides twice the protection from forklift blade damage vs single leg pallets
  • Adjustable shelving with quick release pins
  • Optional tote storage for small items

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. Case Goods Rack to Maximize Storage Efficiency

Right now, you may have many small items in your office or warehouse that do not have a home. They are shoved in a closet, under a desk or in a back room where no one can find them. This situation can waste a tremendous amount of valuable time whenever someone needs one or more of these items. Adding one or more of our case goods racks to your facility can make organizing these small items dramatically easier. The attractive layout can be placed in full view or in a convenient storage location.

All items are visible and easily accessible, so you don’t waste time searching for items or trying to retrieve them without disturbing other items.

PSI Case Goods Rack to Maximize Transport Efficiency

For many offices and warehouses, transporting small goods is even more challenging than storing them. It is incredibly easy for small items to get lost, fall off the truck, get damaged in transit, etc. With our case goods rack, you’ll know exactly where everything is and can transport it all with a minimum of disruption so that damaged or lost goods are highly unlikely.

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If you have worked with us before, you know that our products are superior and engineered with maximum benefit to the customer in mind. It’s why we are a global leader supplying bottled water racks and packaging throughout the world. If you are ready to streamline your storage and/or transport of small items, we are ready to help. Contact us for more information or to order your case goods racks now.