TierStack® Keg Rack

Do you have a small cold room or walk-in refrigerator where floor space is limited to store your cold kegs? Do you have a large brewery operation and you’re looking for a better solution to store your kegs and deliver them in your trucks? The TierStack® Keg Rack is the ideal storage & transportation solution to protect your kegs in storage and transit.

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Each Unit: 47 lbs. or 21.34 kg 5 units: 40 keg rack is 235 lbs. or 106.8 kg


Each Unit: 4 20-liter / sixtel kegs

Optional Bottom Deck

Low Profile: 22 lbs. or 10 kg High Profile: 29 lbs. or 13.2 kg


Blue or Black TierStack Keg Racks Grey optional bottom deck

Keg Racks Features & Benefits

  • Stackable by layer
  • Lighter weight maximizes payload
  • Optimal keg protection
  • Easy to handle on routes and in the warehouse
  • Stacks 5 layers high for optimum space utilization
  • Protects truck bay and transport trailers
  • Reach through and self-centering feature
  • Optional snap-on bottom deck
  • Slide and lock feature

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