Bottle-Up Product Series

Find Durable and Attractive Plastic Bottled Water Display Racks

If you manage an office or you supply managers that do, you know that a viable water bottle storage solution is critical. The water cooler is a staple of office life, and water bottles to load into that cooler always need to be close at hand. Keeping a bunch of water bottles in a storage closet is not an effective solution, though. They can leak, and employees can strain themselves carrying bottles back and forth.

If you receive bottled water delivery to your home, you know how much space these 5-gallon bottles can take up when stored on the floor of your garage, kitchen or closet.

Our Bottle-Up® racks are the perfect choice for your storage and organizational needs. These display racks have it all. They are aesthetically pleasing, protect your water bottles, have their own drip trays for leak protection and allow you to store the bottles upright for even less leakage concern.


About Polymer Solutions International 5-Gallon Bottle-Up® Storage Racks

The Bottle-Up® Product Series consists of 5-gallon water bottle racks made of injection-molded HDPE. They are easy to clean, durable and excellent at protecting your water bottles until they are ready to use. They have a neat, attractive appearance so you can keep them near the water cooler in full view for convenience when you need to change bottles.

Smart, Sustainable Water Bottle Rack Solutions

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. is the world leader in bottled water racks and packaging, offering sustainable and reliable water storage solutions around the world. These racks have been carefully engineered to meet your water storage needs. Reusable and recyclable, our bottled water racks also have a minimal impact on the environment, which is one of our priorities.

Custom Bottle-Up® Storage Rack Options

We pride ourselves on offering a range of bottled water storage configurations for your convenience. We offer racks in single-wide assemblies, double-wide assemblies and even cost-saving multipacks. There are lay-down and stand-up options, and you can easily adjust our Bottle-Up® display racks to create the optimal bottled water storage displays for your customers. Our Bottle-Up® display rack options include:

  • Bottle-Up® 02-SV – This is our single-wide 2-tray rack. Two bottles are conveniently located on the top rack for easy access, and there is room for two spare bottles underneath.
  • Bottle-Up® 03-DH – For an increased demand in bottled water storage, this 3-tray rack is double-wide, allowing for two bottles to rest comfortably and horizontally on each level.
  • Bottle-Up® 04-DV – This is a convenient storage rack that is great for display as it stores up to twelve, 5-gallon water bottles upright, with room at the top for a graphic design.
  • Bottle-Up® 05-DH – This rack is for the storage of up to twelve, 5-gallon water bottles horizontally, and it also has a customizable graphic design option on top.
  • Bottle-Up® Multi-Pack 12-SH – Build your own rack assembly with 12 trays and 36 short tubes for horizontal storage for either four 3-bottle racks or three 4-bottle racks.
  • Bottle-Up® Multi-Pack 12-SV – With 12 trays and 24 long tubes, you can build six 4-bottle upright assemblies.

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