ProStack® Metric Modular Rack

PSI’s ProStack® Metric modular bottled water rack system offers 360 degrees of bottle enclosure, which dramatically reduces leaking bottles. Our ProStack® bottled water rack has unmatched durability you won’t find anywhere else. Our ProStack® Metric water bottle rack can hold four 19-liter or six 11-liter bottles in each unit and offers a number of advantages over metal units, including lowering maintenance expenses and a reduced risk of damage to truck bays and trailers.

Our ProStack® Modular Racks are built to work with our Double Leg Ratchet Pallet (DLR). Our Double Leg design provides twice the protection from forklift damage than old technology single leg pallets, thus significantly reducing costs, while ensuring maximum production efficiency and safety.

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Choose ProStack Plastic Bottled Water Rack to Protect Your Bottles


Truckload Quantities

13.6 Meter Trailer: 350 units and 35 pallets (35 complete 40 bottle racks)

Container Quantities

20 Ft. Ocean: 140 units and 14 pallets (14 complete 40 bottle racks) 40 Ft. Ocean: 300 units and 30 pallets (30 complete 40 bottle racks)


Blue or Black ProStacks Black pallet

About Our Metric Modular Water Bottle Rack

Catering to international businesses both large and small, the water bottle rack we offer with metric measurements is able to hold four 19-liter or six 11-liter bottles in the rack. That’s the equivalent of four 5-gallon bottles or six 3-gallon bottles by our standard measurements. It has all the features of our other water bottle racks, including:

  • 360-degree bottle enclosure: Each bottle is covered 360 degrees and secure to protect you from leaks, even when the rack is being transported by truck over rough terrain. This quality means safer and cleaner water bottle transportation and storage for you.
  • Flexible design: Our durable plastic design can stand up to industrial conditions without bending, breaking or denting like metal racks can. It also will not damage your floor, trucks or equipment as can happen with metal racks.
  • Double leg ratchet compatibility: You may be used to single leg ratchet pallets, which tend to be vulnerable to forklift damage. Our metric modular water bottle racks are designed to be fully compatible with our DLR, or Double Leg Ratchet Pallets, which offer twice the protection against this kind of damage.
  • Convenient reach-through feature: One of the most popular benefits of our water bottle racks is the reach-through feature. Employees can reach in and grab and remove any bottle from the rack or the stack without difficulty and without disturbing the other bottles.
  • Lower freight costs: Our lightweight and stackable racks will allow you to ship more efficiently, potentially saving you money on shipping costs.
  • Easy stackability: You can stack these racks up to 15 high to maximize your use of vertical space and make transport and storage faster and more efficient.

Why Choose Our Metric Modular Racks?

These racks are injection molded from high-density polyethylene to make one sturdy, durable piece that will stand up to the challenges of your work environment. They’re available in blue or black, and little to no maintenance is necessary — just wash them off when it’s required and put them back to work. You’ll find that they have a great advantage over metal racks that may rust, get bent out of shape or require other upkeep.

Our Metric Modular Racks are strong, durable, reliable and easy to use, and you can expect them to last a long time. They’re the perfect solution to your metric water bottle storage and transportation needs.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

On top of all the other benefits to our metric modular racks, they’re extremely sustainable. We know your company takes our impact on the environment seriously, and so do we. That’s why in addition to saving money, you’ll be happy to hear that using our racks reduces your carbon footprint. That’s because these racks are made of 100 percent recycled material and designed to be extremely reusable. You won’t be tossing your racks away every month. Instead, you’ll use them over and over again, hopefully for years.

And even when you’re done with them, you won’t be throwing them away. When our racks reach the end of their usable life, we’ll buy them back and recycle them into something else. Your metric modular racks will never see a landfill, and using them is good for your business and good for the environment, so everybody wins.

Polymer Solutions International Inc. has been helping businesses like yours succeed with superior storage, transportation and packaging solutions for more than 20 years. We’d love to help you reduce costs and streamline your water bottle shipping and storage today. To get started, contact us now for information or a quote on our Metric Modular Racks.

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