ProStack® Metric Modular Rack

PSI’s ProStack® Metric modular bottled water rack system offers 360 degrees of bottle enclosure, which dramatically reduces leaking bottles. Our ProStack® bottled water rack has unmatched durability you won’t find anywhere else. Our ProStack® Metric water bottle rack can hold four 19-liter or six 11-liter bottles in each unit and offers a number of advantages over metal units, including lowering maintenance expenses and a reduced risk of damage to truck bays and trailers.

Our ProStack® Modular Racks are built to work with our Double Leg Ratchet Pallet (DLR). Our Double Leg design provides twice the protection from forklift damage than old technology single leg pallets, thus significantly reducing costs, while ensuring maximum production efficiency and safety.

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Choose ProStack Plastic Bottled Water Rack to Protect Your Bottles



Each Unit: Four 19-liter bottles Each Unit: Four 5-gallon bottles Each Unit: Six 11-liter bottles Each Unit: Six 3-gallon bottles

Truckload Quantities

13.6 Meter Trailer: 350 units and 35 pallets (35 complete 40 bottle racks)

Container Quantities

20 Ft. Ocean: 140 units and 14 pallets (14 complete 40 bottle racks) 40 Ft. Ocean: 300 units and 30 pallets (30 complete 40 bottle racks)


Blue or Black ProStacks Black pallet

Features & Benefits

  • Superior protection against damage caused by transport, road bounce and handling, greatly reducing the risk of a leak at all stages of the supply chain (360 degree bottle enclosure)
  • Durable long-term performance without the maintenance and repair expenses typically associated with metal racks
  • Convenient reach-through feature that speeds up and reduces the amount of effort required to load and unload bottles
  • Lower freight expenses thanks to the improved payload flexibility of the stackable, modular ProStack system
  • Integrated forklift layer slots and pallet jack compatibility to provide a wide range of convenient handling options
  • Leg-down engagement with the optional Double Leg Ratchet pallet for increased stability
  • Stacks up to 15 layers high for optimum floor and shelf space utilization
  • Double Leg Ratchet pallet provides twice the forklift damage protection


When you’re transporting or storing potentially unstable cargo such as large water bottles, you need a rack system that will keep the bottles steady, safe and organized. You need a system like the ProStack Metric. This modular rack system offers a 360-degree bottle enclosure, offering full padding and protection for the water bottles. This dramatically decreases leakage from the bottles.

Our unique design offers features that make storage and transportation much more convenient, such as:

  • Forklift layer slots so you can move the plastic bottle water racks around your facility with ease
  • Four-way pallet jack compatibility, so you can pick up the pallets from any direction
  • A tall, solid construction that increases load stability
  • A reach-through feature that allows you to grab bottles and pull them forward


Our ProStack Metric water bottle racks for 11 or 19-liter bottles can improve handling capabilities and cut down on wasted space. They can be stacked up to 15 layers high, allowing you to optimize a small cargo or storage area. When you use our plastic bottled water racks, you get a product that helps your company become more efficient.

The Details on Our 11 and 19 Liter Water Bottle Racks

The ProStack Metric can hold four 19-liter or six 11-liter water bottles. We offer racks in either blue or black and you can stack three pallets of five units. We make our bottle racks from polyethylene and each one is injection molded for the ultimate durability.

With metal racks, there’s maintenance and upkeep involved in keeping those surfaces useable. They may rust or bend and they’re not practical options over the long-term. However, our ProStack Metric is. We offer years of maintenance-free usage from our bottle storage. We know you’ll appreciate the ability to buy our racks and then move on to your next project because they won’t need your attention.

Bottle Water Racks from PSI: Smart and Sustainable Products

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. wants to help your company do business the smart way. That means offering products that make your job easier and can save you time and money. We’re also committed to the environment and protecting our planet, which has helped shape many of our policies. It’s easy to produce waste when you’re in the material handling business. Through hard work and careful planning though, we’ve adopted green practices that help decrease our impact on the world around us. 

We offer reusable packaging material, cutting down on what’s sent to the landfill. We also sponsor a buy-back program for our customers. We’ll take your water bottle racks after they’ve reached the end of their product life cycle and recycle them to use in new products we manufacture. It’s just one way we show our commitment to sustainability.

We’re are also dedicated to helping you figure out the best solutions for your storage and transportation needs. Our ProStack Metric will streamline your company’s bottle water handling and reduce your overhead expenses. Contact us today to discuss the best option for your bottle water rack needs.