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Great Products – Great Solutions – Great Outcomes

With the growing concern for the treatment of our planet, PSI has teamed up with our customers to help drive any and all sustainability efforts. It is important to us that with our long term customer partnerships we strive to help maximize efficiencies while minimizing the environmental impact.

PSI Reusable Products are inherently built for supply chains aiming to limit packaging that heads to a landfill. Reusing our products helps our customer’s environment with the global impact in mind.

We don’t stop there:

  • At the end of the products useful life, PSI will buy back the product and material
  • Have other products that need to or can be recycled? We can help facilitate removal of the products and avoid the added waste.
  • PSI can help you gain an awareness on the financial impact of reusable products vs. one way packaging.
  • Non-Halogen FM Approval – providing fire retardant products without harmful chemicals to the environment.
  • Begin with the end in mind – PSI will sell you the best product for your bottom line and your sustainability goals

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