40 x 48 ProGenic® Standard Duty Pallet

ProGenic® Standard Duty pallets are versatile options for a variety of material handling applications. Use them for transporting food, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive goods, as well as general industrial and manufacturing environments. Whatever your application, you’ll find that the ProGenic® Standard Duty series fits seamlessly into your workflow, making your operation more efficient, sanitary and sustainable.

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48 in.


5.13 in.


34 lbs.

Load Rating Static (lbs)

20,000 lbs.

Load Rating Dynamic (lbs)

4,000 lbs.

Selected Edge Racking (lbs)


Supported Racking (lbs)

4,000 lbs

Truckload Capacity 53'


Ocean Containers 40' HC


Standard Duty Pallet Features & Benefits

You’ll find that there are numerous advantages to using a ProGenic Standard Duty Pallet for your material handling needs, including:

  • One piece, flow-through design: All of our ProGenic Standard Duty Pallets are injection molded into one piece, which means visual inspections are easy and maintenance is a snap. Just wash off the pallet, and you’re ready to go.
  • Hygiene: If your goods include sensitive materials like food and beverage products or pharmaceuticals, it’s very important that you avoid contamination sources. Wooden pallets can become infested with bugs as well as attract mold or mildew. Our plastic ProGenic pallets will not. Furthermore, we can include anti-microbial additives for ultimate protection against bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Non-halogen, FDA-compliant, FM-approved design: You want strong, reliable pallets, but not ones that are made with toxic materials. We offer halogen-free pallets made with FDA-compliant and FM-approved resins that are still highly flame and impact-resistant.
  • 4-way entry for forklift and pallet jacks: Our pallets are designed so that your equipment can access them from any direction, making moving pallets, loading pallets and storing pallets a breeze.
  • Hotstamp or molded-in logo: Build your brand and mark your property with an optional hotstamp or molded-in company logo for your pallets.
  • Bar code and RFID capability: Track your ProGenic pallet anywhere with bar code and RFID options.
  • Optional interrupted perimeter lip: To keep the product from shifting during transit.

About the ProGenic Pallet Series

The ProGenic series of products includes the ProGenic Standard Duty – a 40″ x 48″ pallet as well as the ProGenic Heavy Duty, ProGenic Reinforced and the ProGenic 3-Stringer pallet. All feature a one-piece, flow-through construction that enables easy cleanup and visual inspections during loading. ProGenic pallets deliver hygienic performance as well as long-term reliability thanks to their use of quality materials.

We manufacture all ProGenic pallets in a wide variety of resins including FDA compliant and FM Approved formulations that are naturally resistant to flame, mold, mildew corrosion and impacts. Optional anti-microbial additives deliver further protection against bacteria and other potential contaminants.

The main benefits of choosing ProGenic Standard Duty pallets are their hygienic nature and long-term reliability. When transporting large volumes of sensitive products, you can’t afford to take a risk with hygiene. ProGenic Standard Duty pallets make cleanup and sanitation fast and convenient, reducing the risk of contamination that can cost you time and money.

ProGenic Pallets and Sustainability

Plastic pallets are the clear choice when it comes to sustainability. Not only are you preventing deforestation by avoiding the use of wood, but you also have the option of participating in our pallet recycling program. We’ll buy back your purchase at the end of its natural life and convert it into materials for use in other products. That means considerably less waste and fewer broken pallets sitting in landfills. For more information check out our Sustainability page or contact Polymer Solutions International, Inc. directly.


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