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Food & Beverage Industry

Food safety is an incredibly important issue in the food and beverage industry. Potential contaminants are everywhere along the supply chain, and if any of them get into your product, the consequences can be disastrous. This is why those responsible for the storage and transport of food and beverage material goods need to be extremely diligent about the products they use.

Food Grade Plastic Pallets

One way to protect your food and beverage industry goods is with food-grade plastic pallets from Polymer Solutions International, Inc. These food industry plastic pallets are the perfect hygienic solution for material goods handling of food and beverage products.

We are well-known for our ability to provide safe, easy products that provide superior performance and great value. Our food-grade plastic pallets are hard at work in all manner of food and beverage industry facilities, including cafeterias, dairies, bakeries, food manufacturing plants and more. Some of the most successful food and beverage companies in the industry put their trust in our plastic pallets and other material handling goods.

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Benefits of Polymer Solutions International, Inc.’s Food Grade Plastic Pallets

Our food-grade plastic pallets feature superior chemical, bacterial and general contamination resistance. This kind of protection is an absolute must for food and beverage industry operations. It takes very little contamination to ruin a food or beverage industry product and put end-users at risk. This can severely damage the reputation of your company and endanger the health of your consumers.

Our food industry plastic pallets are hygienic and reusable. You can easily clean them between uses to maintain a cost-efficient supply chain without risking contamination. We can also provide pallets with antimicrobial additives for additional protection.

Why Our Pallets Are Better Than Conventional Wood Pallets

The importance of hygienic pallets aside, our plastic pallets are superior to conventional wood pallets for many reasons, such as:

  • Heat resistant – Our plastic pallet is more heat-resistant than conventional wood pallets. Food and beverage industry operations often operate at high heat. When you use our plastic pallets, you won’t have the kind of concerns you have with wood — with respect to fire or warping/splintering under very humid conditions.
  • Strong and lightweight – The superior strength-to-weight ratio means they are easy to take in and out of operation for cleaning, easier to move and manipulate by your workers and less likely to do damage to other equipment in your facility.
  • More durable – Wood pallets are usually only good for a few uses before they become damaged or unusable. You can use our plastic pallets repeatedly and protect the environment by selling them back to us when they’re finally done rather than tossing them out. That’s part of our strong commitment to sustainability.
  • Convenient – Our plastic pallets are compliant with industry regulations in accordance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Consumer Brands Association (CBA). In addition, compared to wood pallets, plastic pallets improve supply chain costs and transportation time.

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