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Food & Beverage Industry

ProStack® pallets are a hygienic solution for material handling in the food and beverage industry. When demanding applications require products that are safe and easy to work with, our food-grade plastic pallets offer an exceptional combination of performance and value. You’ll find our international plastic pallets hard at work in food and beverage production facilities, bakeries, dairies, retail facilities and a wide range of other points along the supply chain, where they are trusted by some of today’s highest-profile businesses.

Food Grade Plastic Pallets

The biggest advantage of food-grade plastic pallets is their superior resistance to chemical, bacterial and other forms of contamination. Even a small contamination issue in a food and beverage operation can cause considerable reputational damage, as well as potential legal liability. For this reason alone, investing in a quality product is essential.

ProStack hygienic plastic pallets are easy to sanitize between uses. As a result, you can keep your productivity up without having to worry about exposing yourself to risk. For heavy-duty applications, special antimicrobial pallets are available as well. Keep browsing our website to learn more about our complete lineup of products, or contact our office directly to discuss your needs with one of our team members.

Plastic vs. Wood: Benefits for the Food and Beverage Industry

ProStack plastic pallets for the food industry deliver more than just sanitary performance. Compared to conventional wood pallets, our products:

  • Are more resistant to heat. Heat resistance is another important concern in the food and beverage industry. ProStack products are designed to work safely in a wide rage of temperatures. Aside from avoiding the risk of fires, they also won’t warp or break in high humidity – key advantages which add to their overall superior durability compared to wood.
  • Are lighter and stronger: Food-grade plastic pallets offer strength in lightweight package. This makes them easier to clean and sanitize between uses, and less likely to damage equipment in your facility. Also, the use of plastic pallets can lower your shipping costs and other expenses associated with moving product through the supply chain.
  • Last longer: ProStack products are engineered to be reused again and again. Not only does this save you money, it also reduces the amount of waste your facility generates. We’ll even buy back old pallets that have reached the end of their operational life and recycle their raw materials into other products.

For detailed information and specifications, please visit individual product pages and download a brochure.

A Leading Supplier to the Food and Beverage Industry

With sophisticated products designed to streamline your processes, and an innovative approach to sustainability and recycling, there’s no better partner for all your food industry plastic pallet needs than Polymer Solutions International Inc. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you.


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