44 x 56 Beverage & Container Plastic Pallet

Pallets allow you to ship, store and transport products securely — but not all pallets are created equal. The materials and construction of a pallet play a significant role in its usefulness and life span. Polymer Solutions International Inc. offers 44- by 56-inch beverage and container plastic pallets that are suitable for companies in a wide range of industries.

If you need beverage and container pallets, we have them in stock and ready to ship. Contact our team today to learn more or ask for a quote.

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44 in.


56 in.


4.7 in.


47 lbs.

Load Rating Static (lbs)

30,000 lbs

Load Rating Dynamic (lbs)

2,500 lbs

Truckload Capacity 53'


Features of a Beverage and Container Pallet

Our 44- by 56-inch beverage and container pallets have the following features:

  • Space for barcode or RFID: You can add a barcode or RFID tag to the pallet to make it easier to track its location.
  • Available in a selection of colors: The basic beverage and container pallet comes in black, but other colors are available upon request.
  • Recycled material: While there is the option to choose a pallet made from virgin plastic, you can also buy pallets made with recycled material to help lower your carbon footprint.
  • Works with a variety of material handling products: Our plastic beverage pallets are compatible with a wide range of material handling products, including top frames, totes and freezer spacers.

Benefits of a Beverage and Container Pallet

There are many benefits to choosing our plastic beverage and container pallets, including:

  • Sanitary: Plastic is an easy-to-clean material. You can expose plastic to temperatures hot enough to kill off microbes without damaging the material itself. Hygiene and sanitation are particularly important if you’re using pallets to store food and drink.
  • Heavy-duty: We designed our pallets for the strength to resist damage from forklifts when treated with care. Our heavy-duty pallets feature strong lead edges and a reinforced design that withstands years of use and heavy equipment.
  • Resilient: Plastic doesn’t rot or break down like wood does. Our beverage pallets have a long life, lasting up to 10 years or 250 forklift trips.
  • Versatile: The container pallet has multiple uses beyond stacking beverages. Beyond the food and drink industry, these products work well in the automotive, pharmaceutical and blow-molding industries.
  • Recyclable: If your company is making an effort to go green, you’ll be happy to learn that plastic pallets can be recycled once their usable life is up. We buy back old pallets and recycle them, which helps you promote sustainability while saving money.
  • Food-safe: Our pallets are made from food-safe plastic, so you can feel confident using them to stack, store and ship beverages and food products.

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