Bottle-Up® Single Wide 4-Tray Rack Multi-Pack (12-SH)

We created this Bottle-Up® Series 12-SH Multi-Pack as the perfect add on for bottlers to sell to their customers. This Multi-Pack offers the best value and lowest cost per bottle. This pack includes 12 trays and 36 short tubes to build four (3-bottle) or three (4-bottle) assemblies.

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27.7 in.


22.6 in.


15.4 in.

Multi-Pack Quantity

This pack includes 12 trays and 3 short tubes to build four (3-bottle) assemblies or three (4-bottle) assemblies.



Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates dripping caps
  • Built-in drip tray
  • Recessed track to guide bottles in a horizontal position
  • Highlights brand through presentation
  • Highly stable, durable, easy to clean and hygienic
  • Injection molded from HDPE
  • Keep your inventory near the cooler to keep water flowing
  • Protects the bottles from scuffing while in storage
  • Full depth trays to fully enclose bottles means no necks sticking out!
  • Perfect storage solutions for crisis and emergency relief programs in homes, schools, civil services and fire stations