ProStack® Keg Rack

Do you have a small cold room where floor space is limited to store your cold kegs? Do you have a large brewery operation and you’re looking for a better solution to store your kegs and deliver them in your trucks? The ProStack® Keg Rack is the ideal storage & transportation solution to protect your kegs in the warehouse and during delivery.

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Each Unit: 3 20-liter / sixtel kegs


Blue or Black ProStack Keg Racks Black pallet

Features & Benefits

Whether you operate a club, bar or beer distributorship, it’s vital to manage product storage and shipment. The best method for storing your beer kegs combines safety and durability with the need for minimal space occupied. Your keg storage rack system should be easy for your team to organize and learn. The right keg rack solution can help you stay organized and add to your draft collection with more space available.

The main features of the ProStack include:

  • Superior protection against damage caused by transport, road bounce and handling (360 degree keg enclosure)
  • Durable long-term performance without the maintenance and repair expenses of stacking kegs on wooden pallets
  • Convenient reach-through feature that speeds up and reduces the amount of effort required to load and unload kegs
  • Lower freight expenses thanks to the improved payload flexibility of the stackable, modular ProStack system
  • Integrated forklift layer slots and pallet jack compatibility to provide a wide range of convenient handling options
  • Leg-down engagement with the optional Double Leg Ratchet pallet for increased stability
  • Stacks up to 5 layers high for optimum floor and shelf space utilization
  • Double Leg Ratchet pallet provides twice the forklift damage protection

How Keg Racks From PSI Can Benefit Your Business

Keg organization is crucial to your business because it can save your employees time on tedious tasks and prevent serious injury. Most full kegs are extremely heavy to lift and awkward to grasp. If employees need to shift kegs in a disorganized setup, they risk serious injury. It’s also dangerous if any stacked kegs fall without warning. Even if there are no injuries, friction can reduce the quality of the beer by making it foamy.

Keg racks like the ProStack help you develop your own organization system. For example, organize your kegs by your best-selling varieties, beer type, brand, expiration date and other logical criteria. Once you’ve mapped out your plan, you can rearrange your space so that there are clear pathways for your team to navigate and find what they need.

The keg rack’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a petroleum thermoplastic perfect for keg design. That’s why we choose this substance for manufacturing your next keg rack. HDPE is lightweight yet highly durable, withstands temperatures as low as -76 degrees Fahrenheit, offers UV resistance and is highly cost-effective. HDPE is used in products like cereal box liners and milk jugs on the grocery aisle and pipe systems and kegs in other industries.

A keg can help you take your storage space to the next level by fitting more products into a tight space. In the United States, a barrel holds 31 gallons, while a keg is technically a half-barrel, so it holds 15.5 gallons. Math reveals that if you were to pour 15.5 gallons into 12-ounce bottles, you would end up with 165 bottles. Each investment in products for your beer business is an opportunity to grow your bottom line.

When you choose ProStack, you gain peace of mind, as our solutions help you securely and effectively stow and transport your goods. Our team is standing by and ready to help you find the perfect solution for your application.

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