ProStack® Keg Rack

Do you have a small cold room where floor space is limited to store your cold kegs? Do you have a large brewery operation and you’re looking for a better solution to store your kegs and deliver them in your trucks? The ProStack® Keg Rack is the ideal storage & transportation solution to protect your kegs in the warehouse and during delivery.

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Each Unit: 3 20-liter / sixtel kegs


Blue or Black ProStack Keg Racks Black pallet

Features & Benefits

  • Superior protection against damage caused by transport, road bounce and handling (360 degree keg enclosure)
  • Durable long-term performance without the maintenance and repair expenses of stacking kegs on wooden pallets
  • Convenient reach-through feature that speeds up and reduces the amount of effort required to load and unload kegs
  • Lower freight expenses thanks to the improved payload flexibility of the stackable, modular ProStack system
  • Integrated forklift layer slots and pallet jack compatibility to provide a wide range of convenient handling options
  • Leg-down engagement with the optional Double Leg Ratchet pallet for increased stability
  • Stacks up to 5 layers high for optimum floor and shelf space utilization
  • Double Leg Ratchet pallet provides twice the forklift damage protection


Custom modifications are available for all of our products. Start a Live Chat session or contact us for more information about our ProStack Keg Racks and keg pallets.