42 x 48 Storage and Retrieval Pallet

If your warehouse operation utilizes an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), high-quality pallets are vital for maintaining performance and efficiency in all system phases. Using pallets susceptible to splinters and damage can cause production disruptions, often resulting in significant downtime. Because of their superior build and exceptional durability, plastic pallets are the perfect solution for all your automated system needs.

At Polymer Solutions International Inc., we supply a 42-inch-by-48-inch storage and retrieval pallet designed for automated systems and other warehouse applications. The heavy-duty construction features a static load rating of 25,000 pounds, ensuring the smooth shuttling of loads throughout your warehouse. Each pallet weighs 67 pounds and has a reinforced structure that offers extra security for your heaviest loads.


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48 in.


6.25 in


67 lbs. reinforced

Load Rating Static (lbs)

25,000 lbs.

Load Rating Dynamic (lbs)

5,000 lbs.

Selected Edge Racking (lbs)

3,000 lbs.

Truckload Capacity 53'




What Is an AS/RS?

An automated storage and retrieval system uses components like vertical lifts, shuttles, cranes, racks, carousels and other mechanisms to automatically retrieve and store pallets of finished goods or materials. These systems use software-controlled technology to monitor the specific location of each pallet, ensuring highly accurate picking during retrieval. Automated systems have many advantages, from improving material handling speed to reducing manual labor to eliminating hand-picking errors.

Although many of these systems are customized and different in their builds, the one constant is that they all require a high-performance pallet to hold the products.

Warehouse Pallets From Polymer Solutions International Inc.

Our 42-ich-by-48-inch storage and retrieval pallets contain high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to meet the demands of most AS/RS systems and offer much longer life spans than conventional pallets made from wood. Their versatility also provides many other uses throughout your warehouse, like solutions for manual stacking, extended storage and internal transport of raw materials.

Additional benefits include:

  • Cleanliness: Our warehouse pallets are much cleaner than wood alternatives that may splinter or sustain more damage, making them ideal for industries requiring the highest hygiene levels, like food and beverage distribution.
  • Smooth transport: The resiliency and durability of HDPE ensure smooth operation through automated systems with minimal disruption. The ribbing on the top deck offers superior slip resistance, while the wings provide a secure base to attach stretch film.
  • Enhanced maneuverability: The two-way access for pallet jacks eliminates breakage during manual transport, while the four-way lift capability increases versatility and flexibility throughout your warehouse.
  • Product identification: These pallets contain a recessed area for company logos, labels or UPC barcoding to improve warehouse efficiency.

Creating Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Polymer Solutions International Inc. strives to create the most sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions, and our storage and retrieval pallets are no exception. Besides their increased reusability over conventional options, our plastic warehouse pallets are fully recyclable.

We offer a buyback program to our customers, allowing them to sell us their used pallets at the end of their life spans. Our process recycles them into materials used for similar products in other areas of the supply chain.

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Since 1997, Polymer Solutions International Inc. has provided the most efficient, durable and sustainable packaging solutions for various industries. Our automated storage and retrieval pallets are just one example of the many superior products we supply. Call 877-444-RACK or contact us online today to request a quote or obtain additional product information.