Used Plastic Pallets for Sale

When you need to transport your materials or goods across various locations within a facility, pallets are essential. Used plastic pallets offer an eco-friendly, economical and safe alternative to wood options. Polymer Solutions International Inc. provides a wide selection of high-quality recycled options for plastic pallets.

Benefits of Used Pallets

A used plastic pallet from a reputable manufacturer combines cost savings with reliability you can trust. There are numerous benefits to choosing used pallets for your project:

  • Economical: Used pallets are an excellent choice when you want to save money without compromising quality. Our rigorous inspection standards provide assurance that your pallet will be in safe working condition.
  • Clean: Plastic pallets resist contamination from dust and mold because there are no cracks, crevices or holes. Plastic is also easy to clean because it’s waterproof for hand- or machine-washing.
  • Eco-friendly: When you purchase a used plastic pallet, you help encourage businesses to recycle and boost your supply chain’s sustainability.
  • Lightweight: Plastic pallets are far lighter than wooden versions, often reducing the cost of shipping dramatically.
  • Safe: Plastic pallets don’t have sharp edges or nails, so they’re a safer option than wood.
  • Strength: Manufacturers create plastic pallets with extreme pressure machines. This process allows the pallets to hold heavy-duty weight. This manufacturing procedure also helps ensure consistent dimensional accuracy.
  • Investment: The typical life span of a plastic pallet is around a decade, so you’ll make a long-term investment with each purchase.
  • Regulations: Plastic pallets are free from regulations requiring heat treatment stress, so your packages can move through delivery checkpoints faster.

How ProStack® Pallets Can Improve Your Storage Processes

Our pallets are easy to stack, highly durable and hygienic. We have clients across industries — from food and beverage to pharmaceutical companies — who need high-quality plastic solutions to prevent the insect, mold or microbe infestations that can occur in wood.

We offer a wide variety of pallet types, including:

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As an international industry leader in plastic pallets with over 20 years of experience, our team of specialists can help when you need material handling solutions. Our team offers gently used plastic pallets so you can enjoy the quality control and five-star excellence of Polymer Solutions International Inc. — plus the deep savings and sustainability provided by purchasing used products. We believe the right pallet system can help your team construct an organized, safe and efficient warehouse space.

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