ProStack Product Series

The Cost Saving Solution For Bottled Water Storage & Distribution

ProStack Product Series

The ProStack Product Series is our premier line of storage solutions for bottled water. Plastic water storage racks are proven to be superior to metal racks for a number of reasons. Metal racks are bulky and heavy, meaning more stress on your workers who are trying to deliver them and more fuel expended by your delivery vehicles. Metal racks are also more easily damaged, so you have to replace them more often.

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. has the perfect replacement for your metal racks with our ProStack systems. In addition to being extremely durable and more efficient than metal racks, our ProStack plastic water storage racks are fully sustainable. You can use them over and over again for years and then recycle them when you are done. In fact, we will buy them back from you when you are ready for new racks.


About Our ProStack Modular Racks

These racks are made of injection-molded high-density polyethylene for durability and to better protect the water bottles they transport under sometimes-challenging industrial conditions. They offer 360 degrees of bottle enclosure, so you do not have to worry about excessive leaking issues. We have built these racks to work seamlessly with our Double Leg Ratchet Pallet, which offers double the protection from forklift damage of single leg pallets.

Choose the Right ProStack Water Storage Racks for Your Business

For your convenience and greater efficiency, we offer a range of ProStack bottled water rack systems to suit your business. Choose from:

  • ProStack 4-Pocket – These stackable plastic water bottle racks come with space for four 5-gallon bottles in each row of two columns, for a total of eight 5-gallon bottles per rack. We also offer a 3-gallon version that holds six 3-gallon bottles per rack.
  • ProStack 3-Pocket – The ProStack 3-Pocket rack is for slightly more modest water bottle stacking needs. These units are designed to hold two columns of three bottles across per unit for 5-gallon bottles, or a total of nine 3-gallon bottles.
  • ProStack 2-Pocket Our 2-pocket unit provides convenience and portability, with room for four total 5-gallon bottles, two in each column. You can stack them two-at-a-time on our Double Leg Ratchet Pallet if you wish to transport eight bottles at once. The 2-pocket unit is also capable of holding six 3-gallon bottles.
  • ProStack Metric – The ProStack Metric Modular Rack offers the same racking configuration per unit as the 2-Pocket, but it is measured in metric units for your convenience if yours is an international or overseas company. Each unit is capable of holding four 19-liter bottles or six 11-liter bottles.

Order Your ProStack Water Bottle Stacking System for Your Business Today

We are confident you will find that our ProStack system is by far the best way to manage your plastic water bottles, whether your business transports them, stores them or both. For more information on our systems, for help finding the right ProStack system for you or to place an order, contact us now.


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