40 x 48 ProGenic® 3 Stringer Pallet

Our ProGenic 3-Stringer plastic pallet incorporate the same advanced feature set as our plastic block pallets. Two versions are available – a 5″ tall pallet that weighs 27 lbs. and is rated to handle dynamic loads upt to 4,000 lbs. and a 6″ tall version weighing 43 lbs. and rated for dynamic loads up to 5,000 lbs. Both units have a maximum static load capacity of 20,000 lbs.

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5 in. – 40 in / 6in. – 40 in


5in – 48 in / 6in – 48 in


5in – 5.13 in / 6in – 6.25 in


5 in – 27 lbs / 6 in – 43 lbs

Load Rating Static (lbs)

5 in – 20,000 lbs / 6 in – 20,000 lbs

Load Rating Dynamic (lbs)

5 in – 4,000 lbs – 6 in – 5,000 lbs

Selected Edge Racking (lbs)


Supported Racking (lbs)

5 in – 4,000 lbs / 6 in – 5,000 lbs

Truckload Capacity 53'

5 in – 600 / 6 in – 510

Ocean Containers 40' HC

5 in – 420 / 6 in – 340

Features & Benefits

  • Hygienic, flow through design
  • One-Piece
  • Easy to inspect
  • Non-Halogen, FM Approved, FDA Compliant
  • 4-way entry for forklift and pallet jacks
  • Ideal for food, pharmaceutical and washing applications
  • Hotstamp or Molded-in logo
  • Bar code and RFID capable
  • Optional interrupted perimeter lip keeps product from shifting during transit

About the ProGenic Line

The ProGenic family of products by Polymer Solutions International, Inc. contains some of our best-selling hygienic plastic pallets. This series includes Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, Reinforced as well as 3-Stringer pallets for applications requiring this configuration. Whichever you choose, you can count on ProGenic products to deliver long-term performance and value while meeting NSF standards for sanitation. Each has different potential applications – if you’re unsure which is best for your needs, a Polymer Solutions International, Inc. representative can consult with you and recommend the most suitable product.

ProGenic pallets are known for both their strength and the many innovative features they incorporate. We manufacture our products in a wide variety of resins including FDA compliant and FM-Approved formulations that are fire-retardants and won’t leach chemicals into your product. Each model has a flow-through design to enable visual inspections when loading and unloading cargo, while their one-piece construction facilitates fast cleanup and sanitation. A four-way entry system makes them suitable for use with both pallet jacks and lift trucks, giving you additional flexibility when moving materials in different environments.

Why Plastic Pallets Are the Sustainable Choice

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. has been manufacturing quality pallets since 1997. We are committed to environmental sustainability to ensure that each of our products will work to improve your efficiency and reduce your impact on the natural world.

Like most businesses, you likely recognize the environmental, financial and marketing benefits of making your operation more sustainable. Plastic pallets are as strong or stronger than wooden alternatives, in addition to being faster to clean and fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Make the switch today and see for yourself why Polymer Solutions International, Inc. is the global leader in sustainable material handling solutions.