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Maybe you have a small cold room where you need to optimize space or a large brewer requiring smart, secure and innovative solutions to store more kegs for delivery. The right keg rack can help you store double the amount of beer in half the storage space in a safe, accessible format. The beer keg storage rack from Polymer Solutions International Inc. also makes it convenient to transport your kegs on delivery trucks with ease.

Keg Rack Storage

One of the keys to maximizing your bottom line is efficiency and safety. The right beer keg rack can help you load and unload your kegs in tight spaces, enabling stacking to fit as many products as possible. At the same time, your rack needs to be secure so that you can have peace of mind. Polymer Solutions International Inc. builds smarter keg racks that combine convenience and efficiency with reliability and safety.

ProStack® Keg Rack

The ProStack® keg rack is an efficient and innovative solution for beer transport. Several of its main features include:

  • Heavy-duty protection: The ProStack protects against road bounce and handling damage caused by truck transportation with a 360-degree enclosure.
  • Loading: The keg rack also provides maximum convenience with a reach-through feature that makes it easier to load and unload kegs while enhancing efficiency with greater speed.
  • Economy: The ProStack provides several cost-saving features. Companies can lower their freight expenses because of the efficient payload flexibility. The rack also has long-term performance that can save on the typical maintenance and repair costs of stacking kegs on wooden pallets.
  • Handling: The ProStack system uses a modular, stackable design for optimal forklift handling with pallet jack compatibility. It also features Double Leg Ratchet pallets for maximized reliability and doubles the forklift damage protection.
  • Stacking: These keg racks can stack up to 10 layers high to maximize space in your warehouse or cold room. It’s also injection molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for the highest level of durability.

TierStack® Keg Rack

The TierStack® keg rack comes with a wide variety of features to make transporting kegs simpler:

  • Stackability: This keg rack is stackable by layer, with a lightweight design that makes it easier to load more goods for a higher payload. It can stack up to five layers high.
  • Protection: The rack comes with HDPE injection molding for a heavy-duty pocket of protection.
  • Transport: The TierStack offers a slide and lock option and a reach through self-center. It’s simple to handle on delivery routes and in a cold storage or warehouse facility.
  • Support rail: The TierStack features a support rail that makes it simple to transfer kegs in and out of the rack.

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