4 Gallon Tray

Plastic trays from Polymer Solutions International Inc. work well for shipping 4-gallon water jugs in full or less-than-truckload (LTL) quantities. Compared to traditional wood alternatives, these solutions offer significantly better protection, more secure nesting and increased durability. They are also cleaner and more hygienic than wood trays and inserts, making them ideal for bottled water suppliers and distributors.

Our 4-gallon tray is the perfect delivery system for your 4-gallon water bottles.  The 4-gallon tray is lightweight, so it won’t add much additional weight to your cargo load. Your 4-gallon bottles won’t slide or slip once they are loaded into the tray.

The tray can be used with or without a PSI pallet.



Each Layer – 20 4 gallon water bottles

Truckload Quantities

Container Quantities



Benefits of 4-Gallon Tray Storage Systems for Water Bottles

Four-gallon trays from Polymer Solutions International Inc. allow bottled-water distributors to optimize their warehouse and shipping applications by offering increased security through minimized slippage and shifting. These black plastic trays can secure 20 4-gallon bottles per layer. They provide many benefits over alternative designs made from other materials, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Because plastic trays are much stronger and more durable than wood, they provide added cost savings through their reuse and longer life spans. The design of these trays also allows distributors to maximize the number of bottles they can transport on a trailer.
  • Security: Besides protecting bottle caps from damage, these trays minimize shifting through secure product placement.
  • Stackability: Plastic trays are free from sharp edges and splinters commonly present in wood alternatives, improving manual handling and increasing employee safety. Their unique designs also increase stability for stacking.
  • Improved hygiene: Plastic trays are easy to clean and offer resistance against potentially harmful bacteria and germs, providing a more effective solution than other designs vulnerable to contamination.
  • Customization options: We offer several custom manufacturing solutions to meet your specific application’s requirements, like applying your company’s logo to the tray through hot stamping and molding. We also supply other tray configurations for water bottles, including our UpRight™ Platform System for 5-gallon water bottles.

Prioritizing Sustainability

Our 4-gallon tray storage systems serve as sustainable packaging materials for your water distribution application. At Polymer Solutions International Inc., we strive to use the most eco-friendly materials to help limit the amount of packaging in landfills.

Besides helping prevent deforestation, our 4-gallon trays are entirely recyclable, ensuring the reuse of materials many times over. These trays do not contain nails, screws and other harmful items that can interfere with the recycling process.

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