SideStep™ Pallet System

The SideStep™ Pallet System is designed as a shipping and installation system for vending equipment and beverage dispensers. The SideStep™ is a green packaging solution manufactured from fully recyclable materials and eliminates the need for one-way packaging. The SideStep™ incorporates shock and vibration dampening components to protect delicate machinery features. Interested in purchasing yours? Contact us by requesting a quote or calling our team.

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49 in


78 in


90 lbs

Load Ratings (lbs) Static


Load Ratings (lbs) Dynamic


Truckload Capacity 53’


Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from recyclable materials
  • Multi-layer protective wall surround
  • 3-piece pallet
  • Shock and vibration dampening components protect delicate machinery features
  • Lowers center of gravity to reduce product rocking or tipping in transit
  • Eliminates one-way packaging
  • Eliminates strapping and wrapping


The SideStep™’s most unique feature is its ability to greatly reduce man-handling and machine damage during installation.  The revolutionary design of the 3-piece pallet allows for the entire machine to be lifted with a pallet jack, base rail components of the pallet to be removed without tools, and the machine to be set in place and on its own legs without ever removing it from the pallet jack or the center platform of the SideStep™ Pallet System.  This patented installation method eliminates the need for ramps at the delivery point, eliminates the stress of side loading of the machine supports/legs during placement, and greatly reduces wear-and-tear on the machinery and the installer.