Get Custom Plastic Manufacturing for Your Material Handling Needs

When it comes to material handling, there’s no “one size fits all.” Solutions that work for a company in the pet food manufacturing business may not work for one in pharmaceuticals. Your company has unique needs, which may include anything from transporting larger-than-standard water bottles to shipping pallets that comply with standards in other countries. You may be wondering where to turn to in order to meet these needs.

At Polymer Solutions International, Inc., we can help you out with any of your custom plastic injection molding needs. We offer customized solutions for all of your material handling needs. By using our custom plastic mold making and mold fabrication skills, we can come up with tools and products to make your life easier. When you work with PSI, you’ll get our full attention to craft whatever new product will help make your job simpler and more efficient.

Percentage of the Bottled Water Industry Who Use Our Products 99%
Percentage of Industries Who Use Our Custom Plastic Injection Molding 98%
Let PSI Produce Sustainable Products for Your Business 100%

Use Our Custom Plastic Injection Molding for a Wide Range of Industries

Use Our Custom Plastic Injection Molding for a Wide Range of Industries

Bottled water rackProblem-solving is an important skill in the business world. You need to keep your customers happy with material handling solutions that get your products to them more quickly and more efficiently, saving your time and their money. We want to help you find those solutions.

We can assist clients in coming up with products they haven’t even dreamed of yet. A PSI engineer may recognize a more efficient way to undertake some of your daily activities with customized products we can make from injection molding. No order is too small, and no challenge is too big. Examples of some of our past innovations include:

  • European shipping pallet – 800 x 1200 MM
  • PET Handle for 5 gallon/19L PET bottles
  • Coke FreeStyle returnable shipping system