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10 Ways ProStack Saves

Protect your bottles better—on the road and in the warehouse–by completely surrounding them in a durable, shock-absorbent plastic rack specifically engineered for your logistics.

Stack three pallets high for optimum space utilization.

Completely surround and protect bottles from road bounce and handling.

Eliminate the need for metal racks and their ongoing and expensive repairs.

Protect your truck bays and trailers from expensive metal rack damage.

Reduce your freight expenses.

Improve payload flexibility.

Increase efficiency in your plant and field.

Feature the fastest delivery in the industry.

Are backed by a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Why Mai Dubi Chose ProStack Racks

Why Mai Dubi Continues Using ProStack Racks

Find out more about the ProStack Rack System that’s right for you–or contact us about a custom solution.

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