44 x 56 HD Glass Transportation Pallet

Glass transportation pallets are a perfect solution for shipping glass materials, including bottles, jars and similar products. These plastic pallets provide significantly more durability and strength than conventional wood alternatives. They are also more hygienic than wood pallets, making them ideal for distribution in the consumable, food and beverage industries.

Polymer Solutions International Inc. supplies a 44-inch-by-56-inch heavy-duty pallet molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to cover your glass transportation requirements. The single-piece design delivers a 30,000-pound static load rating, ensuring safe handling for heavy glass loads. Their 5.1-inch depth and four-way entry offer easy access and increased maneuverability for material-handling equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks.

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56 in.


5.1 in.


63 lbs.

Load Rating Static (lbs)

30,000 lbs

Load Rating Dynamic (lbs)

4,000 lbs.

Truckload Capacity 53'




Benefits of Heavy-Duty Glass Transportation Pallets

Our glass transportation pallets help companies optimize shipping, warehousing and work-in-process applications for industries like bottling and food packaging. These heavy-duty pallets offer many advantages over traditional pallets made from other materials, including:

  • Cost-effective: Because plastic pallets are much more durable than wood designs, they offer significant cost savings through multiple uses compared to wood alternatives that provide much shorter life cycles.
  • Better maneuverability: Plastic pallets are free of splinters and sharp edges found on wood pallets, offering smooth manual handling while improving the safety of employees.
  • Hygienic: HDPE pallets are easier to clean and provide better resistance against harmful fungi and bacteria, offering a more hygienic solution than other pallet types vulnerable to contaminants.
  • Four-way entry: Four-way pallets allow equipment to enter from all sides, improving equipment access and increasing warehouse efficiency. This feature also allows for storage in any direction to optimize your warehouse storage layout.
  • Customizable: Polymer Solutions International Inc. offers several custom manufacturing solutions to meet the unique needs of your specific application, including applying your company’s logo through molding or hot stamping. We can also add radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcoding to maximize your inventory capabilities. Additionally, we can mold your pallet using various color options upon request.

Promoting Sustainability

Plastic pallets are a perfect choice for selecting the most sustainable packaging materials. At Polymer Solutions International Inc., we take a proactive approach to limiting the number of packaging materials deposited in landfills. Besides preventing deforestation, HDPE glass transportation pallets are fully recyclable, resulting in the reuse of materials many times over without compromising durability. In addition, plastic pallets do not contain screws, nails or other components that can affect recycling.

Polymer Solutions International Inc. also offers a buyback program that allows you to sell us your pallets at the end of their life cycle. We recycle pallets into similar materials for many different types of products and offer programs to help you recycle other materials.

Find 44 x 56 HD Glass Transportation Pallets at PSI

Polymer Solutions International Inc. is a worldwide leader in reusable handling products, including custom and stock solutions like our glass transportation pallets. Since 1997, we have provided the most sustainable, efficient and durable products to an extensive range of industries. Contact us online today or call 877-444-RACK to request a quote or learn more about our many products and services.

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