40 x 48 Double Leg Ratchet Pallet

Engineered to deliver excellent protection against forklift damage while fitting seamlessly into your workflow, the DLR series is an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Our DLR pallets come in three sizes, 40″ x 48″, 36″ x 39″, 1200 x 1000 and feature a telescoping double wall, as well as our unique ratchet system that is up to three times stronger than welded or bolt-on fasteners. The unit’s lower deck is engineered to guide pallet jacks in, further reducing the risk of damage. The result is a pallet that is strong enough for your most demanding applications and that will deliver years of reliable performance.

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40 in.


48 in.


6.3 in


45 lbs

Load Rating Static (lbs)

30,000 lbs

Load Rating Dynamic (lbs)

5,000 lbs

Selected Edge Racking (lbs)

2,200 lbs

Supported Racking (lbs)

5,000 lbs

Truckload Capacity 53'


Ocean Containers 40' HC


Features & Benefits of Plastic Forklift Pallets

  • Telescoping double legs provide twice the forklift damage protection of common single walled pallets
  • Innovative ratchet fastening system: 3x stronger than welded or snap construction
  • Edge rackable to 2,200 lbs.
  • Anti-microbial additive options available
  • Highly durable & easy to clean
  • Unique lower deck construction includes first ever pallet jack guide that prevents related damage
  • 4-way entry for forklift and pallet jacks
  • Ideal for Pharmaceutical, Medical, Industrial, Food and Beverage applications
  • Fire retardant, Non-Halogen FM approved
  • Intermittent perimeter lip
  • Molded-in or hot-stamped logo/company ID
  • Rubber grommets
  • Optional interrupted perimeter lip keeps product from shifting during transit

About Double-Leg Ratchet Pallets

PSI sells the DLR (double leg ratchet) series of products in open-top, solid top and metric versions. Optional anti-microbial additives make our double leg ratchet pallets suitable for use in sanitary environments, while intermittent perimeter lips or rubber grommets provide additional flexibility. Many colors are available. We also offer the option of having your company name or logo hot-stamped or molded-in for easy identification.

The 40″ by 48″ open-top double leg ratchet pallet is edge rackable up to 2,200 lbs and features FM approved fire-retardant formulations, FDA complaint resins and non-decaBDE plastic construction. Overall static load rating is 30,000 lbs., while its dynamic load rating is 5,000 lbs.

Potential applications for our open-top plastic pallets include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and general manufacturing environments, as well as warehouses and other material handling centers where durability is required. We manufacture our 40″x48″ DLR pallets from HDPE for superior resistance to mold and bacteria. Units with an open-top configuration allow for enhanced visibility and easier cleanup.

Sustainability is a priority for PSI. We recognize the important role pallets play in the broader supply chain and that more efficient, more sustainable products are essential to reducing your overall impact on the environment.

If you’re still using wooden or metal pallets, switching to a quality plastic product from PSI is an easy way to improve sustainability without compromising your workflow. Our double leg ratchet pallets are among the most robust options on the market today, which means they will last longer and deliver better value for your investment.

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