40 x 48 Nestable Distribution Pallet

PSI’s Nestable Distribution Plastic Pallet is a one-piece hygienic with no welds. It has a washable and heavy duty construction with no pockets for debris or contamination to hide. Our Nestable pallet has an anti-slip surface and grommets can be installed on the top and bottom of the pallet. The ergonomic handles make handling this pallet very safe for manual lifting. Coditherm barcoding and logo branding are available along with multiple leg options to integrate with your existing float to reduce your sorting costs. The easy-to-use stretch film anchor notch facilitates successful pallet wrapping. Like all of our plastic pallets, our Nestable Distribution Pallet is 100% Recyclable.

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40 in


48 in


6.5 in


29 lbs

Load Rating Static (lbs)

30,000 lbs

Load Rating Dynamic (lbs)

3,000 lbs

Selected Edge Racking (lbs)


Supported Racking (lbs)


Truckload Capacity 53'


Less Than Truck Load (LTL)


Nestable Pallet Features & Benefits

Our 40” x 48” x 6.5” nestable distribution pallets are the cream of the crop when it comes to plastic pallets. Each nestable distribution pallet is manufactured as a single piece with no welds. This design makes our heavy-duty pallet extremely durable, and it adds to its hygienic properties since there are no folds or seams that debris or other contaminants can fall into.

Other benefits to PSI Nestable Distribution Pallets include:

  • Low maintenance requirements: If you do reuse our nestable distribution pallets, you’ll find that they require very little care. Typically, you can just wash them off and they’ll be good to go.
  • Anti-slip surface: For extra safety. We can also install grommets on the top and bottom of your pallet.
  • Ergonomic handles: Making it easy for your employees to handle this pallet when it needs to be lifted and brought to a specific location.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio: This lightweight pallet weighs only 29 lbs., with a static load capacity of 30,000 lbs. and a dynamic load capacity of 3,000 lbs.
  • Tracking and branding: We can provide Coditherm barcoding, hotstamping and branding of the pallet with your logo so that you’ll be able to keep track of it and everyone will know it’s the property of your company.
  • Multiple leg options: Choose the right number of legs for you to integrate with your existing float in order to reduce sorting costs.
  • Stretch film anchor notch: This easy-to-use anchor notch makes pallet wrapping with stretch film a snap, saving time and increasing productivity.


The Advantage of Sustainability

Another huge advantage to plastic pallets in general and plastic pallets from Polymer Solutions International Inc., in particular, is sustainability. We have a tremendous commitment to sustainability at PSI, and it shows in all the products we offer. These plastic pallets are made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Furthermore, using our plastic pallets can help you reduce your carbon footprint. These nestable distribution pallets can be used over and over again, and when you’re done using them, just call us when they reach the end of their usefulness and we’ll buy them back so that we can recycle them into something else.

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