Water Bottle Storage Racks

Save Money and Protect Your Bottled Water with Storage and Distribution Solutions from Polymer Solutions International, Inc.

When you think of ways to make your operation more efficient, your first thought might not be your bottled water racks. That’s exactly why you need Polymer Solutions International, Inc. as your bottled water rack manufacturer. Our stackable storage for bottled water features innovative designs that can provide many benefits for your business.

Why Choose Plastic Water Bottle Racks?

There are a number of reasons why a plastic bottled water rack is superior to metal. Some of these reasons include:

  • Cost-effectiveness – Metal bottled water storage racks are easy to damage, which can cause them to lose their shape. They usually then need to be replaced. Plastic bottled water storage racks are much more durable for manual or robotic water jug loading while freeing up valuable floor space.
  • Ease of transport – Metal bottled water racks are much heavier and bulkier than our ProStack® modular stackable plastic bottled water racks. Our racks are easier for your workers to move, meaning faster transport and reduced chances of injury. Heavier racks also hurt the fuel economy of the trucks you use to get them from place to place.
  • Sustainability – Unlike metal racks that quickly rust or deform, you can use our plastic bottled water racks over and over again. Furthermore, they are fully recyclable, so when you’re finally done with them, we will buy them back from you and turn them into other reusable products.

Saving money, improving efficiency and promoting sustainability all help make switching to ProStack® bottled water storage racks an easy choice.

Why Choose Polymer Solutions International, Inc. for Your Plastic Bottled Water Racks?

We have been manufacturing quality bottled water racks for over 20 years, and we are proud of our reputation as the world’s leading modular bottled water rack manufacturer. Reasons to choose PSI®, in addition to our engineering expertise and dedicated customer focus, include:

  • Customizable options – Our engineers and experts will work with you to find the bottled water racks that are the perfect fit for your business’ needs. If we don’t have them already, we’ll make them for you.
  • Commitment to sustainability – If you are looking to make your business greener, you have a great partner in PSI®. That’s why we buy back our multi-reusable plastic racks once they’ve reached the end of their usable life and are continually making efforts to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals by greatly reducing materials going to landfill.
  • Durability and quality – We have tirelessly researched and developed our ProStack® racks to provide the most possible protection for your water jugs while being able to stand up to tough industrial conditions. These injection-molded, high-density polyethylene racks are built to last.

Plastic bottled water racks are the right solution to your bottled water transportation and storage issues, and PSI® is the perfect company to provide you with the plastic bottled water racks your company needs.

Choose the Bottled Water Storage Racks and Accessories That Best Suit Your Business

ProStack® bottled water storage systems and accessories for your business include:

  • ProStack® Product Series – Our standard plastic bottle racks, with 2-pocket, 3-pocket, 4-pocket, metric and 4-G NRB (4-Gallon Non-Returnable) configurations for your convenience.
  • Bottle-Up Product Series – Open display racks that are perfect for storage, especially near the water cooler, as they keep the bottles visible and accessible while still conveniently and attractively stored in the water cooler jug rack.
  • Keg Rack Product Series – If your business requires the distribution or storage of beverages in kegs, we have storage racks custom designed for this purpose, in standard ProStack® and TierStack® configurations.
  • Upright™ Product Series – Keep your water bottles stored upright and easy to access using our UpRight™ platform shelving unit system or individual 4-gallon tray.
  • 5-Gallon Handles – Transporting a 5-gallon water jug to a storage location, to a rack or to the water cooler is easy with these ergonomically designed and convenient 5-gallon handles in a variety of colors and materials.
  • TierStack® Modular Rack – The TierStack® features a convenient and reliable stackable storage system that reduces floor space and includes centering guides to help you decide where to drop the rack, slide locks to keep the stack together dependably and reach-through access to any of the water bottles in the stack.
  • Case Good Rack – If you have more than just bottled water to store or transport, try our case goods rack delivery system that allows you to deliver or store a variety of smaller goods like snacks, coffee or even office supplies.
  • Bottle Hammock – A convenient, easy and safe way to transport large numbers of 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles around your warehouse, office or factory.

Learn More and Order Your ProStack® Bottled Water Racks From PSI® Today

Get in touch with us to learn more facts about water, about your plastic bottled water rack options or to order ProStack® modular bottled water racks for your business. You can also contact us to find out more about the relationship of BPA in food containers and public health.