TierStack® Modular Rack

Transporting and storage of bottled water in an industrial environment like a warehouse or a factory can be a huge hassle. You need a reliable bottled water rack, but not every bottled water rack is designed with challenging industrial conditions in mind. That’s why you need to know about the TierStack® interlocking bottled water rack from Polymer Solutions International, Inc. for your business.

This 5 gallon water jug rack is tough enough for your warehouse’s bottled water transportation and storage needs while also possessing multiple features to ease the strain on your employees who work with your bottled water racks. The TierStack® modular bottled water rack is constructed from injection-molded, high-density plastic that can withstand the rough day-to-day industrial treatment and stress your supply chain can provide. Each modular rack is constructed as one piece from polyethylene with ultraviolet stabilizers. A TierStack® modular layer can hold as many as eight, 5-gallon bottles, twenty, 1-liter bottles or twelve, 3-gallon bottles.

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Each Unit: 47 lbs. or 21.34 kg 5 units: 40 bottle rack is 235 lbs. or 106.8 kg

Optional Bottom Deck

Low Profile: 22 lbs. or 10 kg High Profile: 29 lbs. or 13.2 kg

Truckload Quantities

53 Ft. Trailer: 240 units (48 complete 40 bottle racks) or 225 units and 45 decks (45 complete 40 bottle racks)

Container Quantities

20 Ft. Ocean: 70 units (14 complete 40 bottle racks) 40 Ft. Ocean: 170 units (34 complete 40 bottle racks)


Blue or Black TierStacks Grey optional bottom deck

3 Gallon Water Bottle Rack Features & Benefits

  • Centering guides – These simple guides allow you to feel your way to dropping the rack in the right location, convenient for dealing with heavy loads.
  • Reach through access – The Modular Rack has full reach-through access. Even with multiple stacked racks, you can reach in and grab any bottle anywhere in the structure without having to unstack and without disturbing the racks in any significant way.
  • Slide locks – The racks lock into place with our slide locks, so they won’t shift and cause bottles to topple — even on a bumpy truck ride to the warehouse or with rough handling in the warehouse. The interlocking bottle rack stays put and protects the water bottles.
  • Bottom deck – We also offer an optional bottom deck that snaps on easily, keeping the bottom rack bottles off the ground and providing more stability.
  • Multi-layer stacking – Stack as many as fifteen racks on top of each other and still enjoy easy transportation via your forklift to anywhere in your facility.

Use the TierStack® Modular Rack for Maximum Efficiency

Our modular rack is a great way to save space and make your operations more efficient. You can use your TierStack® for transport and for storage. They are unlikely to damage any of your equipment or parts of your facility like metal racks can. They are also lighter for easier transport, and you can be sure the bottles will stay in place. Stacked 15 units high, they take full advantage of vertical space for optimal storage.

Order TierStack® Modular Racks From Polymer Solutions International, Inc. Now

While there are many bottled water racks on the market, you will not find any that have been so meticulously designed to optimize effectiveness for your company as PSI®’s TierStack®. We have spent years engineering these products for your benefit and have become the leading distributor of plastic bottled water racks thanks to our commitment to making reliable, cost-effective products and our focus on customer satisfaction.

In addition, we are extremely proud of our commitment to sustainability and minimizing our effects on the environment. Our products are made from sustainable materials and are extremely reusable. Unlike metal racks that quickly corrode, get dented or bend, you can expect to use your TierStack® Modular Racks again and again. When they finally reach the end of their life cycle, they will not end up in a landfill because we will buy them back from you, recycle and turn them into new products.

We are ready to serve your needs for mass storage or transport of bottled water for your company now. Make things easier on yourself and your workers with PSI®’s TierStack® Modular Racks. Contact us today for more information or to place your order.