Industries & Applications for Plastic Pallets & Racks

Industries & Applications

Food and Beverage

Plastic pallets are ideal for the food and beverage industry for several reasons. Most importantly, they are easy to sanitize and available with antimicrobial coatings, greatly reducing the risk of contamination. Also, rigid plastic pallets provide superior protection against damage that can mar the appearance of fruits and vegetables, breads and other products. Because they don’t warp or crack when exposed to extreme temperatures, they can be used in everything from direct sunlight to refrigerated storage containers.

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Plastic pallets make a great choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers for many of the same reasons they are prized in the food and beverage industry. Easy to handle and chemically inert, the reduce the risks associated with long-term storage and shipping of delicate drugs and other products. Unlike wood pallets, they don’t give off dust, or harbor fungus or insects that can ruin a shipment. Because they’re designed to be used over and over again, your operation produces less waste and your overhead costs go down.

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Pet Food

Moving bulky bags of pet food and other products requires pallets that are built tough. To meet this need, PSI manufactures heavy-duty pet food plastic pallets that provide exceptional durability at a low weight. Because they are lighter than comparable wood products, you can ship greater quantities at a time and move product more efficiently. Much as in pharma and food and beverage applications, our hygienic plastic pallets are highly effective at limiting product loss due to contamination.

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Pallets are a staple in retail and warehousing operations. PSI’s lighter-duty plastic pallets are an ideal choice for general use, as they balance affordability with exceptionally high quality. For a complete material handling solution, we offer plastic pallets with integrated RFID tags, making it easier to track and monitor inventories in complex retail operations.

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Batteries & Dunnage

E-commerce has made it possible for businesses everywhere to attract customers from anywhere, regardless of location. While it’s been a game-changer for many, challenges still exist in delivering undamaged goods to customers in widespread locations. We solve that issue with our line of dunnage products, specially designed for protecting your goods. The correct dunnage does more than fill empty container space to reduce load shift. It also protects your products from the elements and other factors that could result in damage.

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Craft Beer

It’s an exciting time to be part of the craft beer industry and supply chain. The number of craft breweries has been growing steadily over the past 15 years, and the industry currently makes up nearly 25 percent of the beer market share. That growth comes with challenges, though — a solid storage strategy tops the list for many. At Polymer Solutions International Inc., we’ve created the ideal storage racks for the craft beer industry. Whether you need shipping or distribution solutions, we have the products to alleviate your concerns.

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Medical Cannabis

As the cannabis industry has undergone legal changes in the past 10 years, the market for medical marijuana, CBD and hemp products has grown considerably. The market is still growing at a rapid rate and is projected to keep increasing over the next several years. That massive growth underscores the need for efficient, safe medical marijuana supply chain solutions throughout the industry, which is what we at Polymer Solutions International seek to provide.

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Serving diverse industry verticals, we offer products at a range of different price points, with specialized features to suit the specific needs of our client base.

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