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No matter where you are in the pet food industry supply chain, you want to be sure the products you use for storage and transportation of your goods are reliable, affordable, high quality, easy to use and safe. That all starts with the type of pallets you use. If you’re not using plastic pallets in your operations, you may be sacrificing cost-effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Consider using the best plastic pallets for the pet food industry from Polymer Solutions International, Inc.

Why Are Plastic Pallets Better for Pet Food?

We are confident you will find our pet food plastic pallets superior to conventional wooden pallets for a number of reasons, including:

  • Our pet food plastic pallets are lighter: Our plastic pallets are very lightweight compared to wood or metal pallets. They are easier for workers to manipulate and clean. They also put less stress on equipment and are lighter on the truck, which can be better for fuel economy and shipping costs.
  • Our pet food plastic pallets are stronger: Our plastic pallets have a terrific strength-to-weight ratio. They are stronger than wood and are able to stand up to tough industrial conditions. They won’t dent like metal pallets or warp or chip like wood pallets.
  • Our pet food plastic pallets are more hygienic: Plastic pallets do not get infested by vermin or grow mold or mildew like wood pallets can. They are incredibly easy to clean, and PSI offers hygienic plastic pallets with antimicrobial properties for superior contamination protection for pet food products.
  • Our pet food plastic pallets last longer: Wood pallets can break down quickly and usually have to be thrown away after only a few uses, sometimes after only one use. You can reuse our plastic pallets over and over again.

It is for these reasons and more that some of today’s biggest pet food companies are switching to plastic pallets. Find out more about our full lineup of products by browsing our website or contacting a PSI representative directly.

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Why Polymer Solutions International, Inc. Has the Best Plastic Pallets for the Pet Food Industry

Our plastic pallets are becoming increasingly popular in the pet food industry. We have a huge selection of plastic pallets, and that allows us to come up with a custom solution for your pet food industry materials handling needs. Our customizable options include ultra-hygienic antimicrobial-treated pallets as well as RFID-tagged plastic pet food pallets that allow you to keep track of your reusable pallets throughout their journey through the supply chain.

In addition to all the benefits to your company, you’ll also be doing your part for the environment when you order pet food plastic pallets from PSI. We have a strong commitment to sustainability, and when you are done reusing your plastic pallets, we are happy to buy them back and recycle them to use their raw materials for other products, reducing waste and lowering your carbon footprint.

To learn more about PSI plastic pallets for the pet food industry or to place an order, contact us now.


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