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Pet Food Industry

Polymer Solutions International, Inc. (PSI) manufactures plastic pallets that meet the requirements of the pet food industry. We know how important your product is, and how demanding your customers can be. For these reasons, we’ve designed our products to help you maintain high levels of quality control while running a profitable, streamlined operation.

Why Choose Pet Food Plastic Pallets?

If your operation is still using wooden pallets to move products and ingredients, you’ll see significant benefits by switching to plastic pallets for pet food. Compared to wood, plastic pet food pallets are:

  • Lighter: A lighter weight makes our plastic pet food pallets easier to handle and faster to sanitize – key advantages in any operation where speeding up cycle times is a priority. Lighter pallets mean more weight can be loaded onto a truck, which can lower your shipping costs.
  • More durable: Plastic pallets are stronger than wood and require no maintenance. They also keep their shape better and almost never dent or warp, ensuring they will remain easy to use and lift for as long as you require them.
  • Less prone to contamination: Aside from just being easier to clean, our hygienic plastic pallets have strong antimicrobial properties. As such, you can be more confident in the quality of your product as it moves through the supply chain.
  • Longer lasting: Our products are engineered for long-term durability, even in the most demanding applications. Because plastic doesn’t break down like wood does, our pet food pallets can be reused again and again with no loss in performance or reliability.

It is for these reasons and more that some of today’s biggest pet food companies are switching to plastic pallets. Find out more about our full lineup of products by browsing our website or contacting a PSI representative directly.

Custom Options for the Pet Food Industry

PSI manufactures one of the largest selections of plastic pallets on the market today. Our ProStack® product lineup is diverse, offering material-handling support for a range of different applications.

For pet food manufacturers, we offer everything from standard-duty plastic pallets to ultra-hygienic, antimicrobial-treated products that greatly reduce the risk of contamination. We also manufacture RFID-tagged plastic pet food pallets, which can be used with your existing management system to improve tracking and accountability as your product moves through the supply chain.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

With our exclusive buy-back program, we’ll pay you for any old ProStack pallets that have reached the end of their operational life. Our advanced recycling capabilities allow us to use their raw materials for other products, which reduces waste and helps keep our costs low. Add to that the superior performance of our plastic pet food pallets, and it’s clear why ProStack is the sustainable choice in any industry.

Want to learn more about how our products prevent waste and save you money? Contact the PSI head office and speak with a team member today.


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