How Plastic Pallets Directly Improve Supply Chain Costs
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How Plastic Pallets Directly Improve Supply Chain Costs

Logistics professionals are always looking for supply chain cost reduction strategies, and different industries can require different supply chain cost reduction techniques. However, one way to generate supply chain cost savings across the board is by replacing your wood pallets with reusable and recyclable plastic pallets. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of plastic pallets, here is some useful information on plastic pallets and what they can do economically for your supply chain.

1. Toss Out ISPM-15

If you’ve dealt with wood pallets before, you probably know the headaches of dealing with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, or ISPM-15, which requires that you treat certain wood pallets to prevent the spread of insects and disease. However, plastic pallets do not become infested with insects, so they are not subject to ISPM, which means not only are you spared the time and expense of any special treatment, but you also don’t have to worry about your pallets getting held up at inspection stations when you ship internationally.

2. Use and Reuse

Wood pallets are usually done after one or two uses. In fact, they may often be broken down as soon as your goods arrive at their destination, which means you have to be constantly buying new wood pallets. But quality plastic pallets are designed to be used again and again, meaning your new pallet purchase costs are dramatically reduced. And when you buy your plastic pallets from Polymer Solutions International Inc., we’ll buy them back from you when they are all used up, for even more savings.

3. Space Saving

Plastic pallets stack easily and compactly, meaning you don’t have to dedicate a lot of good space in your warehouse to empty pallets. Furthermore, you’ll always know the exact dimensions of your plastic pallets because they are always molded to those dimensions, so you can plan to fill out a truck with as much of your goods as possible by choosing a transportation method that is the right fit for your pallets’ dimensions, potentially saving you on shipping costs.

4. More Durable

Plastic pallets are better at handling not only routine warehouse and shipping conditions but also harsh temperatures, impacts, and aggressive handling, which means your plastic pallets are likely to last longer and retain their integrity better than wood pallets, which again means lower overall pallet costs.

5. Easy Tracking

Plastic pallets are extremely easy to fit with RFID tracking devices, meaning you can easily follow the progress of every pallet shipment and know exactly what is in it and where it is, greatly reducing the incidence of costly pallet loss.

ProStack® Pallets From Polymer Solutions International Inc. Save You Money

Our plastic pallets save you money, but they can do a lot more than that. We offer highly sustainable packing solutions, meaning you can help the environment while saving money. We also have ideal food-safe packing and storage solutions for industries like the food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.

To learn more about saving money and improving your supply chain with plastic pallet solutions, contact us online, give us a call at 610-325-7500 or chat with us on our website today.

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