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Craft Beer Industry

Storage Racks for the Craft Beer Industry

It’s an exciting time to be part of the craft beer industry and supply chain. The number of craft breweries has been growing steadily over the past 15 years, and the industry represents a $22.2 billion market with almost 25 percent of the beer market share.

The growth comes with challenges, though — a solid storage strategy tops the list for many. At Polymer Solutions International Inc., we’ve created the ideal storage racks for the craft beer industry.

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The Benefits of Plastic for Craft Beer Distribution

Choosing plastic as a material handling solution for craft beer warehousing and distribution has many advantages, including:

  • Durability: Plastic has a longer useful life than its counterparts.
  • Improved hygiene: Easy-to-clean plastic resists bacterial growth.
  • Lighter mass: The reduced weights lead to lower transportation costs.
  • Sustainability: Plastic pallets are fully recyclable at the end of their product life span.

Hygienic Shipping Solutions

Polymer Solutions International Inc. has a hygienic shipping solution for your craft beer needs. Our hygienic plastic pallets come in standard 40 x 48 size and 44 x 56 heavy-duty style for cans. Each manufactures as one piece, and we offer standard, reinforced and heavy-duty types to meet varied shipping requirements. If you prefer a custom design, we can handle that, too — contact us for more information.

Pallets Engineered Specifically for Craft Beer

The distinct size, shape and weight of metal beer barrels pose a challenge to warehousing. Traditional pallets don’t provide an ideal keg storage solution.

Our expert engineers designed food-grade pallets specifically to stand up to keg storage challenges. Benefits of these specialized pallets include:

PSI® Keg Rack Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for a modular racking system for beer keg storage, Polymer Solutions International Inc. can help. We offer two reusable packaging solutions with exceptional versatility and durability — the ProStack® and TierStack® keg racks.

Our ProStack® keg racks hold between 3 – eight 20-liter kegs (depending on modular rack modifications) and offer a double leg ratchet for structural support and equipment protection. The innovative design allows for effortless loading and unloading and excellent protection during transport.

TierStack® keg racks offer enough capacity to store four 20-liter kegs per layer. Combine these with the optional low-profile deck for increased weight support.

Each keg rack stacks up to five layers high to maximize storage space and comes in blue or black. Contact us for custom modification options on either system.

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Polymer Solutions International Inc. is an industry leader in reusable packaging manufacturing. We serve clients in a broad range of industries across the globe, all backed by our innovative engineering expertise and world-class customer service team. View our entire catalog of storage racks for craft beer to discover all we offer. Don’t see the solution that’s ideal for your business? We also offer custom design and manufacturing. Contact our team today to learn more or request your free, personalized quote.

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