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Retail Industry

In storefronts, stockrooms and other retail operations, the ability to move products quickly, safely and economically is critical to your bottom line. ProStack® pallets by Polymer Solutions International are part of a complete inventory management solution for retailers, wholesalers and other businesses. Our innovative products are lightweight, durable and easy to use — important benefits that help you run a more profitable operation overall.

The Durable Alternative to Wooden Pallets

Technology is constantly changing. Like most retailers, you likely already use sophisticated inventory and management software to gain greater control over your operating costs. However, innovation in the retail industry isn’t limited to computer technology. ProStack products are an evolution from traditional wooden pallets that offer a number of tangible benefits, including:

  • Lighter overall weight that makes them faster and easier to move through your operation, saving you time and money while reducing the strain on your staff
  • Exceptional durability and resistance to dents and damage, ensuring your purchase lasts longer and delivers more reliable performance over time
  • A clearer, less-obtrusive look that won’t detract from or clash with your carefully coordinated product displays

Our plastic retail pallets have been engineered from the ground up to deliver exceptional value in any operation, streamlining your processes and reducing product loss due to damage incurred during shipping and storage. In a competitive economy, these are important benefits that contribute to your bottom line and better position your business for success.

Optional Features and Benefits

Our lineup of products includes everything from plastic retail display pallets to heavy-duty reinforced solutions for applications in which extra durability is required. Optional features include FM approval for fire protection, integrated RFID tags for use with track and trace inventory control software, and NSF certified coatings for hygienic applications.

To support the widest range of applications possible, various configurations of each of our products are available — including both 5-inch and 6-inch, open- and solid-top models, three-stringer hygienic plastic pallets and more. Let our team match you with the right pallet for your retail operation. Contact our office directly!

Sustainable Solutions for the Modern Retail Industry

All our plastic retail pallets are made from 100% recycled materials and are fully recyclable themselves. When one of our pallets has reached the end of its operational life, we’ll buy it back from you and reuse the raw materials. This allows us to offer a more cost-effective product while keeping plastic waste out of landfills. Unlike wooden pallets, no trees are cut down to make our products, either.

Strong, sustainable and packed with exclusive features — if you’re a retail operation that hasn’t yet switched to ProStack plastic retail display pallets, it’s time to take your supply chain into the 21st century. Check out our current catalogue of products by continuing to browse our website, or contact a sales representative to request a quote today.


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