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In the retail industry, margins can be tight, and every decision counts. That’s why when you are looking for pallets for your stockroom, warehouse or another retail environment, we recommend plastic retail pallets from Polymer Solutions International, Inc. We have plastic retail display pallets for storage and transportation of your material goods that are lighter, more durable and longer-lasting than your standard wooden or metal pallets.

It may seem like a small thing, but in retail, little things can make all the difference. Our superior plastic pallets for retail can make a real impact on your bottom line and help you run a more efficient, profitable and environmentally-conscious operation.

The Importance of Plastic Pallets for the Retail Industry

The retail industry needs pallets with these qualities:

  • Space saving: Retail stores and warehouses often have limited space to store empty pallets. A space-saving pallet can nest or stack with other pallets to store more in a smaller area.
  • Long lasting: Since pallets are moved frequently and haul heavy loads, they need to be durable to withstand a lot of use.
  • Hygienic: Pallets must be easy to clean and sanitize and withstand the effects of corrosive chemicals or deterioration. Hygienic pallets are also required for certain types of products, such as food and beverage.
  • High storage density: Retail industry pallets must be able to store a lot of product. A high load capacity is required since bulk orders or high product quantities can be heavy.
  • Customizable: Since each retail business has different needs, pallets must be adaptable. For example, some operations may want pallets with radio frequency identification (RFID), and others may require reinforced pallets for heavy loads.

Industries Supported by Sustainability Pallets

Many sectors of the retail industry rely on plastic pallets for their operations, including:

  • Store displays: If you’re looking for a pallet to display products in your store, a plastic pallet is an excellent option. You can choose a size that accommodates your product without damaging the pallet. Plastic pallets are more visually appealing than wood pallets, especially since they are available in several color options.
  • Stockrooms and warehouses: Plastic pallets’ hygienic qualities allow you to store any product and cleaned the pallets as required.
  • Importing and exporting: Products need a reliable pallet for transporting and storing throughout the supply chain. Plastic pallets are durable to last through many trips from the warehouse to the storefront and can withstand a lot of use. Lightweight pallets are also easier to store and return to fulfillment, saving labor and shipping costs.

Benefits of Polymer Solutions International, Inc.’s Plastic Pallets for Retail

Our plastic pallets are designed to support the retail industry’s operations and requirements, including transport, storage, handling and preservation. Retail pallets by Polymer Solutions International, Inc. are durable to withstand intensive use for up to 10 years or more, which is much longer than wooden pallets’ life span. This durability leads to our retail pallets becoming a cost-efficient solution for your operations. Since the pallets last longer, you will not need to buy more as often.

Our pallets will also support your sustainability efforts with their minimal waste design. The raw materials are fully recyclable when your retail pallet has reached the end of its use.

Why Our Plastic Retail Pallets Are Better Than Traditional Wooden Pallets

nestable distribution pallet stacks - open top stackable plastic pallets

The many benefits of plastic pallets over wooden ones include:

  • Our plastic retail pallets are lightweight – Lighter pallets are better. They are easier to clean, easier to transport and put less stress on workers and equipment. You can also move loads faster with lighter pallets. All these factors can boost efficiency and improve your bottom line.
  • Our plastic retail pallets are tough – Pallets in retail environments can be subjected to rough use. Our plastic pallets are tough and won’t chip, warp or dent like wooden pallets. This durability means you can use them over and over again, saving you on replacement costs.
  • Our plastic retail display pallets are attractive – If you need to keep pallets in view for convenience or to display goods in a retail environment, you’ll appreciate that our pallets have an aesthetically pleasing design and come in a variety of colors.

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Customizing Your Retail Display Pallets

When you partner with us, you’ll also benefit from the wide range of plastic pallet options that allow you to customize your pallets to suit your retail operation’s specific needs and goals. Options include:

We also have a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

Sustainable Pallets for Modern Green Retail Operations

We understand that many retail operations are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and employ greener processes. We at Polymer Solutions International, Inc. feel the same way. That’s why you can be sure all of our plastic retail pallets are made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Furthermore, you can dramatically reduce waste when you use our plastic pallets because you do not have to throw them away after a few uses as with wood pallets.

In fact, you don’t ever have to throw them away, because once they reach the end of their operational life, we’ll buy them back from you and recycle them into something else. You’ll keep plastic out of the landfill, and you might save a few trees, too.

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The time to make the switch to plastic pallets is now, and the company to do it with is Polymer Solutions International, Inc. To learn more about our plastic pallet solutions or to order plastic pallets for your retail industry operation, contact us now.


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