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Plastic Pallets for the Battery and Dunnage Industry

E-commerce has made it possible for businesses everywhere to attract customers from anywhere. While it’s been a game-changer for many, challenges exist in delivering undamaged goods to customers in widespread locations. Storage and shipping damages account for 20 percent of all returned goods bought online.

Polymer Solutions International Inc. solves that issue with a comprehensive line of dunnage products.

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What to Know About Dunnage

There are several key facts to consider when selecting your dunnage material.

What Is Dunnage?

Dunnage is padding and packaging that helps safeguard products during transit. It can consist of various cushioning materials, from foam to plastic, metal and wood. Order fulfillment specialists choose dunnage materials based on the specific good, application and damage risk potential.

The Importance of Battery and Dunnage Solutions for Container Shipping

The correct dunnage does more than fill empty container space to reduce load shift. It helps speed up order fulfillment and reduces the likelihood of a return. It also protects your products with:

  • Shock absorption: Modern transportation modes subject products in transit to substantial vibration and movements. Dunnage helps create an attenuation layer to safeguard against impacts.
  • Moisture, dust and debris prevention: Sensitive goods can be susceptible to moisture, dust and debris that compromise their integrity. Dunnage can provide barriers against those contaminants to preserve your product’s safety, performance and freshness.
  • Even weight distribution for easier loading, unloading and stacking: Dunnage helps ensure goods stay in position and separate. That’s especially vital for larger, heavier and more awkward cargo.
  • Damage prevention: Dunnage’s primary purpose is protection against damaged products. It’s a cost-effective insurance policy to guard against breakage, scratches and chips.
  • Airflow support: Certain logistics environments, such as cold chain, require adequate circulation to preserve products. Dunnage helps support effective airflow by keeping products from impeding it.

Speak with a knowledgeable representative to discover how Polymer Solutions International Inc. provides the best dunnage for your container-shipping needs.

Common Dunnage Materials

Popular choices for dunnage materials include:

  • Plastic dunnage containers: These options provide advanced protection for certain goods, like those designed for battery storage and transport. They’re also common for packaging and safeguarding smaller pieces of goods with many components.
  • Sectioned plastic pallets and totes: These are ideal for transporting goods like water bottles and other beverage containers. The sections provide a snug fit, guarding against shifting and displacement.
  • Plastic or fabric dividers: These options typically nestle within a tote or other shipping container to separate goods. Depending upon the thickness, they may also provide shock resistance.
  • Foam: Shippers often rely on foam for goods with sharp edges or sensitive electronic and medical equipment. Different thicknesses are available to provide more protection.
  • Bubble wrap and air pillows: Both provide air-filled pockets that cushion against impacts. These shock-absorbing solutions are ideal for more fragile products.
  • Kraft paper: This material is common as a packaging filler and primarily protects against dirt, dust and debris. Kraft paper is reusable and cost-effective.
  • Corrugated cardboard: This option provides excellent moisture protection and some impact resistance. It’s typical for automotive parts and hardware.
  • Wood shavings: Wood shavings are soft, recyclable and reusable, making them an eco-friendly choice. Operations with high-moisture shipping environments or that handle glass goods often use this dunnage.
  • Solid wood and steel: These dunnage solutions are less cost-effective than some other methods. As a result, they’re generally reserved for large and high-value cargo, such as high-end furniture and luxury goods.
  • Custom dunnage: These options can include trays, inserts and solid plastics designed to conform to a product’s unique shape and size. Engineering professionals like those at PSI can create these personalized solutions for maximum protection.

Products That Benefit From Dunnage to Avoid Damage During Transportation

Many goods benefit from the protection custom dunnage offers, including:

  • Batteries
  • Glass products, such as lenses, scientific equipment and tile
  • Electronics
  • Household appliances
  • Chemicals
  • Medical supplies

One commonly occurring product in logistics today benefits heavily from custom packaging solutions — batteries. Lithium batteries power our mobile technology and are increasing in popularity as the use of electric vehicles and e-bikes grows. Transporting and storing these goods requires careful planning and adherence to standards issued by authorities like the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Custom Interior Container Solutions

No matter the type of goods you store and transport, PSI will work with you to develop custom interior container solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities support the to-spec fabrication of plastic cases, trays and dividers. From the pharmaceutical industry to retail applications with integrated tracking, Polymer Solutions International Inc. has the expertise to provide custom-designed dunnage for your unique needs.

PSI Custom Material Handling Solutions

Polymer Solutions International Inc. has a wide range of material handling products to meet your needs. Consider our plastic pallets for dunnage, a sustainable solution that delivers on our commitment to environmentally responsible business. Items like our 44 x 56 can pallet and our heavy-duty glass transport pallet offer specially designed features to protect sensitive goods.

When your products call for custom dunnage solutions, PSI delivers. Our engineering team has the tools and skills to create an ideal packaging fit for your business needs. Contact an innovation specialist for more information today.

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Polymer Solutions International Inc. is a premier plastic pallet manufacturer and supplier to customers in more than 100 countries. Our engineering team has the expertise to design innovative material handling products and solutions to meet your unique business needs. Partner with us for your custom dunnage shipping solutions and receive world-class service and support each step of the way.

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