How to Organize Your Keg Room & Beer Distribution Warehouse
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How to Organize Your Keg Room & Beer Distribution Warehouse

Polymer Solutions International Inc. specializes in innovative solutions that can improve your supply chain, reduce your costs and protect your products. If you need to reorganize your keg room or beer distribution warehouse, we have the exceptional solutions you are looking for. Our keg racks are specifically designed to save you time and money while keeping your employees safe and ensuring the quality of your beverages.

Importance of an Organized Keg Room

An organized keg room is crucial for many reasons. First, it will save you time by eliminating tedious tasks. Better organization also makes it clear where to place things, so you can reduce stocking errors.

Full kegs are heavy to lift, weighing from 58 lbs (sixth keg barrel) up to 160 pounds (1/2 keg barrel) If you have a disorganized setup where employees must wade through kegs to get to the one they need, they will be at a greater risk of injury, and it will take longer for them to complete tasks.

It is especially dangerous if kegs are stacked on top of each other, as they are much more likely to fall unexpectedly. Even if no one gets hurt when a keg falls, the movement will unsettle the beer and make it foamy, reducing its quality.

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Keg Rack Considerations and Options

If you have an unorganized keg room or beer distribution warehouse, keg racking is an excellent solution. Keg racks can help you safely store and protect your kegs while making optimal use of your storage space. You can store kegs according to beer type, bestsellers, expiration date and any other criteria that facilitate logical keg retrieval.

It’s best to set up your keg racks to allow for clear, open pathways so that the kegs are easy to access. Employees should not have to maneuver through tight spaces and risk knocking things over.

With the right keg racks, you can save space for more inventory, make finding and moving kegs less time-consuming and eliminate safety risks from poor keg cooler organization.

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Keg Racking Solutions From Polymer Solutions International Inc.

At Polymer Solutions International Inc., we sell several modular keg rack options for improved organization, delivery and warehouse storage. These stackable units offer reliable, long-term performance with sturdy constructions and slide-and-lock designs to keep racks firmly in place.

Our keg racks also have reach-through features that reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to load and unload your kegs. The racks are also compatible with pallet jack use and have integrated forklift layer slots for a range of convenient handling options making it easy to take a full load of kegs from you warehouse and putting them on your truck for deliveries.

If you need keg racks with specific dimensions to accommodate your kegs within you keg room or warehouse, we can also make custom modifications to meet your needs.

Contact Polymer Solutions International Inc. for All Your Keg Rack Needs

Contact us today to find out more about how our keg racks can help you organize your keg room and warehouse. We work closely with you to find the best solutions for your unique space and application.

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