How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Bottled Water
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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Bottled Water

The demand for bottled water has increased significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed that the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in the public water supply, and Americans can continue to use and drink tap water safely. Nevertheless, many Americans now realize the benefits of storing bottled water for an emergency.

Importance of Storing Supplies for a Pandemic

As manufacturers and consumers have seen with the COVID-19 virus, pandemics often motivate people to buy more essential supplies, which means retailers sell out of items faster than usual. When people create an emergency supply of water and food, there is a lower risk of supply shortages. This can lessen the economic impact of future disasters.

When it comes to bottled water, many local, state and federal agencies suggest maintaining an emergency supply. The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends a three-day emergency water supply of 1 gallon per person per day. The agency also notes that bottled water is the “safest and most reliable” type of emergency water supply.

If unopened bottled water is stored properly, it can last indefinitely. Keeping it away from chemicals and direct sunlight helps ensure it does not become contaminated. Bottled water is also easier to use when people are sick and need to isolate, as they can use water bottles instead of shared cups.

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The Pandemic’s Effect on Bottled Water

With more people buying bottled water because of the COVID-19 pandemic, bottled water manufacturers have had to increase production to keep up with demand. Many bottled water companies are also donating to relief efforts to help health care workers and those at risk.

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), a trade group of bottled water companies, has taken steps to ensure product availability, such as increasing their bottling capacity and acquiring extra materials.

Over the long term, this increase in bottled water production means more plastic products in the market. Manufacturers will need to develop sustainable solutions to minimize the impact of more plastic in the environment while still meeting consumer demand. This need for new solutions could drive innovation and the development of new products.

The IBWA also reported an increase in hiring, which expands job opportunities in the bottled water manufacturing industry.

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