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Why You Should Be Exporting With Plastic Pallets

Why You Should Be Exporting With Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are the modern solution for supply chains across industries. While wood pallets have been the traditional option for exporting, the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) Number 15 has since addressed the safety issues involved with this pallet type. Meet shipping standards and enjoy many other benefits with plastic pallets.

ISPM 15 Export Requirements

ISPM 15 exists to prevent the transmission of disease, insects and other pests that often affect wood pallets. Preventing transmission is essential to protecting ecosystems around the world.

The requirements for ISPM 15 apply to all wood packaging materials over 6 millimeters thick. These packaging materials must be heat-treated to kill pests and feature an International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) mark to confirm decontamination. This mark also indicates the country of origin and treatment method.

What Is the Difference Between Wood Pallets and Plastic Pallets?

Aside from the material used, there are clear differences between wood pallets and plastic pallets. Wood pallets are prone to pests, mold and mildew that can affect exporting processes and diminish the life span of the pallet. Plastic pallets are resistant to mold, mildew and pests and are more durable than their wooden counterparts.

Plastic pallets are also lighter than wooden pallets. This weight factor means they are easier to move and arrange, making your operation more efficient and improving the safety of your workers.

Why Choose Polymer Solutions International Inc.?

Polymer Solutions International Inc. creates plastic export pallets using a compression molding process. We use 100 percent recyclable materials and meet all international shipping protocols with every export pallet we produce. With lightweight and heavy-duty options, you can find pallets designed for your export needs. We support one-way exporting and long-term use.

Contact Us for Plastic Export Pallets

Polymer Solutions International Inc. produces plastic pallets you can trust for all types of shipping demands. Explore our options and contact us today to learn more.

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