Why Plastic — Not Paper — Is the Future of Pallets
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Why Plastic — Not Paper — Is the Future of Pallets

Why Plastic — Not Paper — Is the Future of Pallets

Today’s businesses must consider all areas of improvement for their operations to stay competitive in their respective markets.  One common sector that many companies often explore is material handling and the use of pallets. While wood pallets were the industry standard decades ago, many businesses have turned to corrugated or plastic options as more sustainable and less expensive solutions.

Here’s a close-up look at both product types and why plastic pallets offer significantly more benefits for most applications.

Corrugated Paper Pallets

Depending on the manufacturer, corrugated pallets, also called cardboard pallets, often feature various designs with different thicknesses of decking, support columns, honeycomb sections and rails. They are customizable according to size and strength and are excellent for cost savings. However, they lack durability compared to some options and are ineffective against moisture.

  • Cardboard pallet pros: Because corrugated pallets are lighter in structure, they require less material to build and are more cost-effective. They’re also easier to recycle.
  • Cardboard pallet cons: Disadvantages of paper pallets include poor durability, no moisture resistance and the inability to be cleaned.

Plastic Pallets

Because plastic pallets are typically one solid piece, they are much more durable than wood or paper options. Plastic is also cleaner, making these products ideal for sterile environments like chemical processing and pharmaceuticals. Most plastic pallet manufacturers can build these designs in various sizes and material grades.

  • Plastic pallet pros: Plastic pallets have an incredibly higher life span than wood and paper options. They are also customizable, easily cleanable, fully recyclable and offer significant cost savings over the product’s life.
  • Plastic pallet cons: Despite the overall cost savings, plastic pallets have a slightly higher initial cost but offer great long-term cost savings vs a wood pallet.

Our Plastic Pallet Selection

For many applications, choosing whether you should use corrugated paper vs. plastic pallets is easy to decide. If your company requires a versatile, durable solution that’s cleaner and reusable for years down the road, plastic is the answer. A paper pallet might be better if your operation employs a once-and-done shipping method while emphasizing cost savings and not requiring a durable product.

Polymer Solutions International Inc. specializes in stock and custom plastic pallets for an extensive application range across various industries. We manufacture these products in limitless designs and styles, from standard duty and reinforced options to nestable pallets without welds or pockets. If your operation requires a custom option, our engineering team has decades of combined experience helping customers develop the ideal solutions for their needs.

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Explore our comprehensive online selection of plastic pallets and other material handling products today to find the perfect option for your operation. Please contact us online to obtain pricing or request additional product information.

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