6 Crucial Considerations for Purchasing Used Pallets
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6 Crucial Considerations for Purchasing Used Pallets

One of the great benefits of the right plastic pallets for your industrial storage and transportation needs is that they are reusable, but what about buying used plastic pallets to begin with? Is it worth it to buy recycled pallets or used pallets? What do you need to know when looking to buy used pallets? Here are 6 important things to keep in mind when buying used plastic pallets.

1. Make Sure They Are NSF-Certified

NSF is a public health and safety organization that verifies a product has been manufactured according to specific and stringent safety, quality, performance and sustainability standards. This is particularly important when using pallets that will be transporting or storing food, beverages, bottled water, chemicals and organic products.

2. Make Sure You Know the Company

Don’t purchase your used plastic pallets from just anyone. Search for a reputable company you know has a reputation for providing high-quality plastic pallets that will always be the advertised dimensions and will perform up to the standards at which plastic pallets are expected to perform. Plastic pallets from a non-reputable supplier may not be completely made of the same safer, more durable materials that high-quality plastic pallets are made from.

3. Make Sure You Are Saving Money

The whole point of buying used plastic pallets is to save money. If you are paying more for your used pallets than you might be for quality new plastic pallets elsewhere, move on. You should be able to get high-quality used plastic pallets for a significantly lower price than new pallets simply because they have been used before.

4. Don’t Forget About Customer Service

Just because you’re buying used pallets doesn’t mean your business isn’t important, and your plastic pallet seller should treat you accordingly. If you’re not happy with the service you’re getting from your plastic pallet supplier, whether you’re buying new or used, find another one.

5. Make Sure You Get the Pallet You Intend to Buy

If you’re buying a used plastic pallet, you should be getting the same pallet as a new plastic pallet, just one that has been used before. Don’t let the supplier try to switch out your pallet for one that’s smaller, warped or made of wood, just because you’re buying used.

6. Know Your Used Pallet Grades

Typically, a Grade A or #1 used pallet is just like a new pallet except with some wear and discoloration. A Grade B or #2 pallet may have some companion stringers and plugs. Make sure the pallets you are buying are consistent with the grading system and are the ones you are supposed to be getting.

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