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One-Way Pallets

Pallet: a portable platform on which goods can be moved, stacked, and stored, especially with the aid of a forklift.

Pallets come in all shapes, sizes, materials and prices. They are also available for multiple markets, one of which is one-way, dedicated shipping.

What Are One-Way Plastic Export Pallets?

There are multiple types of pallets to consider, two of which are one way (one use) or reusable (multi-use). Reusable warehouse pallets are an asset. You may use them to ship products and then have other products shipped back to you, or you may have the pallets shipped back to you unloaded. Alternatively, you may use them to store products when you’re not using them for shipping. In either case, you can expect to get months or even years of use out of each pallet.

One-way plastic pallets are an expense. You use them once. You’ll load up your pallet with product, ship it wherever it needs to go and then be done with it. Once it arrives at its location, the recipient can do with the pallet what they wish.

Should You Choose a Plastic One-Way Pallet or a Reusable Pallet?

Whether you choose to use reusable pallets or one-way export pallets will depend on the needs of your business. In fact, many businesses use both types. If you have a lot of pallets going out very rapidly, it may not be feasible to purchase reusable pallets for this purpose. On the other hand, if you require pallets for storage or short-distance transportation, or you have a method for easily returning your pallets to you, export pallets may not be what you need.

If you do use export pallets, you’ll want to make sure you find an affordable option since it’s an unrecoverable expense, but you also don’t want to sacrifice quality.

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Affordable, High-Quality Pallets From Polymer Solutions International

The 40″ x 48″ Export Pallet from Polymer Solutions International is the perfect answer to your need for affordable export pallets. These reasonably priced nesting pallets meet all international shipping standards and have all the qualities you look for in a plastic pallet.

These pallets are compression-molded from 100 percent post-industrial recycled materials and feature a closed deck for limited re-use in closed distribution systems. In other words, they’re eco-friendly even though they’re one-way, single- or limited-use pallets.

Plastic pallets are not susceptible to mold, mildew or pest infestation like wood pallets are, so they’re a great choice if you want to avoid contamination of sensitive products such as those in the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries. They’re also better at helping products resist damage than wooden pallets.

Our 40″ x 48″ export pallets have a static load rating of 4,000 lbs. and a dynamic load rating of 1,200 lbs. Add available snap-on bottom runners for additional stacking ease.

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