The Environmental Impact of Recycling Plastic Pallets
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The Environmental Impact of Recycling Plastic Pallets

Many companies are moving towards reusable or recyclable plastic pallets as an alternative to wood pallets or other non-environmentally-friendly industrial storage and transportation solutions. But does recycling plastic pallets really have that much of an impact on the environment?

The answer seems to be “yes.” There is every reason to believe recycling plastic pallets is a huge step that companies can take toward reducing the negative effects of industrial waste on the environment. One of the reasons it is so important to reuse and recycle plastic pallets is because plastic itself, while a wondrous and multiply useful material, is terrible for the environment.

Most plastic is not biodegradable, meaning it does not break down into materials that can be reincorporated into the environment. Instead, it breaks down slowly over years, releasing an excess of CO2 and other toxic byproducts as it fills up landfills.

However, plastic pallets can be made with biodegradable materials, and since they are reusable and recyclable, none of them ever have to end up in landfills. Rather than tossing your pallets after a use or two, you can use these pallets again and again. That means not only do you save money, but you also don’t have to worry about manufacturers creating more waste by creating more plastic pallets than necessary.

Once they have finally outlived their usefulness, you can recycle them using a process that can generate a carbon footprint 60 percent smaller than the process required for making a new plastic product.

Since they are made of the same material, there is no reason to believe that a recycled plastic pallet will be any less sturdy, reliable or effective than a brand-new pallet, so using recycled pallets allows you to save money and help the environment without any negative impact on your workflow. It is clear that using recycled and recyclable plastic pallets is a great step forward in undoing some of the damage industry has done to the environment.

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Polymer Solutions International Inc. Works to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Pallets

Polymer Solutions International Inc. is very cognizant of the environmental impact of recycling pallets and is proud to be a leading provider of environmentally-friendly products for global business needs. Our Eco-Friendly Plastic Pallets have a much more favorable environmental impact than wood pallets thanks to our proprietary manufacturing process, which allows us to use our raw materials repeatedly with minimal processing and no thermal treatment. This means an even greater reduction in our carbon footprint.

We also buy back our old pallets when our users are done with them, meaning you never have to worry about the impact of your plastic pallets on the environment.

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If your company is also concerned about the environmental impact of plastic pallets, we can help you right now. Give us a call at 610-325-7500 or Live Chat with us about it on our website. You can also contact us online to discuss our recyclable plastic pallet solutions. Contact us now!

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