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Designing Ergonomic Storage Rack Layouts for Easy Access and Handling

Ergonomics refers to the principles of how people interact with their working environment, and it is an essential factor to consider for storage rack layouts. Your business can increase efficiency by designing its storage space to accommodate easier material handling and promote greater worker safety.

Explore the importance of ergonomic storage racks for material handling and a few helpful tips for designing your specific layout.

The Importance of Ergonomic Storage Racks for Material Handling

Designing an efficient warehouse layout that caters to ergonomic principles is key to creating a safe and productive environment.

Your business can effectively minimize worker injuries by creating a space that yields easier inventory access and eliminates the need for potentially hazardous lifting, rotating or reaching.

An ergonomic design will also make your operation more efficient by removing bottlenecks, minimizing wasted energy and taking some of the physical stress off of your workers.

4 Tips for Designing Ergonomic Storage Rack Layouts

The following are useful tips for creating an ergonomic storage rack layout that complements your operation and protects your workers from strain:

  1. Identify the flow of goods: Mapping the flow of goods is a great place to start when designing your storage rack layout. Consider the path of least resistance for your products, from receiving to storage to shipping.
  2. Consider equipment clearance: When creating a plan for your warehouse space, it is essential to leave enough space for your equipment to easily and safely maneuver around. Take note of the machines you utilize and the clearance required for each.
  3. Test your design before committing: A test run is a great way to ensure you’ve nailed your ergonomic design. Ask your team for feedback about any bottlenecks they experienced or ideas for creating better flow.
  4. Opt for custom storage racks: Another tip for designing the best storage rack layouts is to work with a manufacturer like Polymer Solutions International Inc. We provide custom solutions designed with easy access and material handling optimization in mind.

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