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Understanding Load Capacity and Weight Distribution for Plastic Pallets

Prior to loading plastic pallets with products, it is essential to understand two important factors — load capacity and weight distribution. Plastic pallets are designed to carry a certain amount of weight safely, and loading items that are too heavy can lead to damage or potential worker injuries.

We are breaking down everything you need to know about weight distribution and load capacity in the types of plastic pallets.

Understanding Load Capacity

Weight distribution has a direct impact on pallet load stability. Balancing your load evenly is key to avoiding problems such as the pallet being top-heavy or wobbly.

When placing products on your pallet, it is best to maintain a low center of gravity by adding your load to the bottom center and filling it out as symmetrically as possible to maintain equilibrium and steadiness.

Once you understand the basics of weight distribution, you can dive into the following three types of plastic pallet weight capacity:

Dynamic Load Capacity

Dynamic load capacity refers to the maximum amount of weight that a plastic pallet can safely hold during transport or movement. This number indicates that the pallet is secure enough to be hauled by equipment such as a forklift.

As a reminder, the weight should be evenly distributed on the pallet to maintain stability, even if it’s short of the stated dynamic load capacity.

Static Load Capacity

Static load capacity refers to the weight that the pallet can hold while in a fixed position on an even surface. It is typically higher than dynamic load capacity because you are not moving the pallet.

Racking Load Capacity

The final type is racking load capacity. This refers to the maximum amount of weight a pallet can safely hold while part of a racking system where neither the perimeter nor the center of the plastic pallet is supported.

Understanding these load capacities is essential for safe storage and movement in your warehouse or facility.

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