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Why Airflow Is Important in Freezers

While many industries and individuals use freezers, not everyone knows the best practices for freezer care. For instance, you may not realize that freezers need proper airflow to maintain a safe temperature and keep your food frozen. Learning how a freezer works can help you better understand how to store and preserve your foods efficiently and extend your freezer’s life.

How Do Freezers Work?

The cooling process in a freezer begins with two sets of coils: the condenser and evaporative coils. Most modern freezers run on electricity. These freezers have a compressor pump that pressurizes the refrigerant in the condenser coils and forces it to spray through the expansion valve into the evaporative coils.

The lower pressure in the second coils causes the refrigerant to evaporate, cooling the sealed space within the freezer.

Importance of Airflow

When ice gathers on freezer walls next to or on the evaporative coils, it interferes with the freezer’s airflow and forces the condenser to work harder. This wastes energy and can affect your food’s quality and safety.

Studies show that more consistent airflow allows your food to freeze faster, conserving energy and saving costs in maintenance. Having complete airflow around products in your freezer increases your products’ shelf life and reduces maintenance needs.

Lack of airflow can make your freezer’s temperature increase, potentially ruining your products and leading to a loss of inventory.

Freezer Dos and Don’ts

There are several practices you should implement for optimal freezer efficiency, such as:

  • Using freezer spacers.
  • Putting fewer products in the freezer.
  • Keeping products directly off of the freezer floor.
  • Getting occasional freezer maintenance.

Avoid these practices to maintain a high-functioning freezer, including:

  • Filling your freezer with too many products.
  • Ignoring maintenance requirements.
  • Leaving the door ajar.
  • Setting the freezer to extreme temperatures.

How to Increase Airflow in Freezers and Extend Freezer Life

One of the simplest and most effective ways to extend your freezer’s life is to increase freezer airflow. You can promote airflow in your freezer by filling it with fewer products and giving each product more space. Freezer spacers provide an effective solution for organizing your freezer products and increasing airflow.

With freezer spacers, you can easily separate your products and ensure consistent airflow, extending your products’ shelf lives and your freezer’s life.

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Allow your freezer to perform at its peak efficiency by promoting airflow and getting regular maintenance. Freezer spacers from Polymer Solutions International Inc. can extend your freezer’s life and help your frozen products last longer.

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