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How Plastic Pallets Improve Warehouse Safety

Pallets are essential for your warehouse’s logistics, so you need to choose the right type. You can improve safety with plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets in your warehouse. These options pose fewer safety risks, allowing your team to use them with ease for years.

7 Reasons Why Plastic Pallets in Warehouses Are Safer Than Wooden Pallets

You can reduce warehouse injuries and have a safer work environment by trading your wooden pallets for plastic ones. Plastic pallets offer many advantages for your operations because they are:

1. Lightweight

Plastic pallets are much lighter than wooden pallets, making them easier for workers to handle and decreasing the risk of injury.

2. Durable

The plastic material used to manufacture pallets is stable, letting them last a long time. This durability means the plastic material is less likely to break off and create sharp edges.

3. Integrated in Design

Plastic pallets have an integrated construction, as they’re manufactured by fusing pieces of plastic. This design means the pallets have no splinters, chips or nails that can damage your products or injure your employees. Since this pallet type has no loose parts that can fall off, your warehouse will have less debris that can pose a safety risk.

4. Reliable in Size and Weight Capacity

You can be confident that your plastic pallets will all have the same dimensions, as the industry has standard sizes and shapes. The reliable size is well-suited for automated storage and retrieval systems. A pallet’s listed weight capacity will also stay the same, regardless of age, as long as it’s in good condition.

5. Ergonomic

Plastic pallets are designed with workers in mind, so they can accomplish more work in less time with a lowered injury risk. Because they’re lightweight and have built-in handholds, workers can manually move them around for handling and transportation tasks. Plastic pallets also avoid catching on each other when stacked while empty. Workers can easily grab a pallet off the top of the stack without toppling the rest.

6. Hygienic

Plastic pallets are nonporous and do not absorb moisture, so they do not degrade in damp environments. These hygienic features reduce the risk of mold and bacteria growth, making plastic pallets a safe option for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

7. Long-Lasting

Plastic pallets last a long time, so you can use the same pallet for longer without compromising its integrity. You can also go longer without replacing your pallets, leading to cost savings.

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