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Utilizing Vertical Storage Racks for Space-Saving and High-Density Storage

Though many warehouses use floor space to store products horizontally, you can use vertical storage racks to occupy as much vertical space as possible. Vertical storage racks are a solution that can completely change your storage setup and daily operations.

4 Reasons to Use Vertical Storage Racks in Your Warehouse

The primary benefits of vertical storage racks include:

1. More Floor Space

The vertical racks free floor space in your warehouse by stacking racks and products on top of each other. With more floor space, your staff and forklift drivers will have more room to maneuver and can work quicker. Your warehouse can also have less clutter when you store excess inventory in the racking. Vertical racking may also eliminate the need to acquire more storage facilities by using your existing storage space more effectively.

2. Improved Inventory Organization

Vertical storage racks can organize various types of large-volume, high-density products. You can design your storage rack setup based on your work environment, process flow and other needs. Forklift drivers can identify a product’s location and easily access the rack for quick retrieval. Employees can access the products they frequently need with minimal reaching and lifting.

3. Enhanced Safety

Since vertical storage racks store more products and increase floor space, your employees and equipment will have open, clutter-free work areas with no overloaded racks, trip hazards or other safety risks. Make sure your racks are installed per Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

4. Streamline Operational Efficiency

Vertical storage improves efficiency by making access easy and reducing the time required to locate and retrieve products. Your employees can immediately find what they need and keep processes moving forward. This benefit can increase productivity, especially for frequently used storage racks.

Vertical Space-Saving Storage Racks for Sale From Polymer Solutions International Inc.

We have several vertical storage options that deliver these benefits and more. Our rack products include vertical storage racks for water, with many configurations and designs available to fit different bottle sizes and quantities. These bottled water racks are made from plastic, making them easy to transport, sustainable and cost-effective for your business.

Contact Us About Our Efficient Storage Solutions

Polymer Solutions International Inc. is a recognized bottled water rack manufacturer and supplier, including vertical storage racks. Contact our team online today for more information about vertical racks and other storage solutions.

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