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Future Trends in Craft Beer Storage Racks

The future of the craft beer market is looking bright. In 2022, this sector accounted for almost 25 percent of all beer sales in the United States, and it continues growing. With growing consumer demand, craft beer breweries and retail businesses must find effective storage solutions that optimize efficiency and cater to the changing times.

Explore the top three future trends in the craft beer industry relating to storage:

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming a massive priority for many different industries. Craft beer brands are no exception. Utilizing storage racks made from eco-friendly materials is one way for your business to lower its carbon footprint and demonstrate to your customers how you are committing to environmental responsibility.

At Polymer Solutions International Inc., we design our packaging solutions to maximize sustainability by minimizing product packaging waste and creating solutions that companies can reuse over and over.

2. Stackability

Consumer demand for direct-to-consumer craft beer shipping has increased by more than 5 percent since 2022. This means businesses in states that allow you to ship alcohol directly to shoppers must find new solutions for storing craft beer that accommodate growing shipping and delivery requirements.

Stackability is essential when you need to maximize your warehouse and cold room space. The ProStack and TierStack Keg Racks from Polymer Solutions International Inc. allow you to stack up to 10 layers, optimizing your storage operation.

3. Automation

As is the case in many industries, advancing technologies are transforming how craft beer brands and retailers operate. Automated tools are helping businesses like yours supercharge their storage and retrieval processes.

Software solutions are helping to optimize product tracking and merchandise management for inventory in craft beer storage racks. Improving the efficiency of your warehousing and dispatch operations can assist in streamlining how you monitor and organize your beer.

As technologies evolve, we will likely see automated systems boom in the craft beer storage market over the next few years.

Contact Polymer Solutions International Inc. to Learn About Keg Racks for Craft Beer

When your business needs high-quality, sustainable keg rack solutions for craft beer, turn to Polymer Solutions International Inc. We have two stackable options available — the TierStack Keg Rack and ProStack Keg Rack.

Our team is here to make sure you find the right storage racks for your unique products. We also offer custom material handling solutions to help your business optimize space and efficiency.

Contact Polymer Solutions International Inc. to learn more about our keg rack product series today!

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