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The Impact of Plastic Pallets on Automation and Robotics in Material Handling

Meeting increased consumer and regulatory demands means continuously refining processes to enhance production. Automation and robotics have emerged as the most practical and cost-efficient material handling solutions across various industries, from manufacturing and retail to pharmaceuticals and food processing. Compared to conventional handling processes involving manual labor and inefficient equipment, automated solutions maximize operational efficiency by increasing productivity, reducing errors and improving worker safety.

One element of a successful automated material handling system is high-performance plastic pallets. Because wood pallets often have structural inconsistencies and are susceptible to contamination, many robotic systems require durable plastic pallets with tight dimensional tolerances for optimal performance.

Benefits of Using Hygienic Plastic Pallets in Automated Material Handling

Plastic pallets offer many advantages over similar products made from wood, including several that make plastic essential for automatic material handling systems, such as:

  • Lightweight: Lightweight pallets made from high-performance plastic help minimize the stress that can cause wear and tear on equipment, saving on repair costs and maintenance time.
  • Durability: High-quality plastic pallets won’t split or warp, meaning your automated system can spend more time distributing materials and products instead of shutting down for repair or maintenance.
  • Sanitation: Hygienic plastic pallets are non-porous and cleaner than wood options, significantly reducing the risk of contamination to robotic components in sanitary applications like pharmaceuticals and food processing.
  • Consistency: A plastic pallet’s uniform weight, consistent dimensions and load distribution capabilities reduce the chance of products shifting during handling, helping decrease product damage and equipment downtime.
  • Smooth surfaces: A plastic pallet’s smooth surface makes transport through automatic conveyors, lifts and guided vehicles easier, improving operational efficiency throughout the supply chain.

How Polymer Solutions International Inc. Can Help

The positive impact of plastic pallets on automated and robotic material handling is one of the many reasons these solutions have emerged as the primary choice of many applications across various industrial sectors. Polymer Solutions International Inc. designs and manufactures high-performance custom and stock plastic pallets. These solutions are ideal for today’s most innovative automated and robotic systems.

Our engineers have years of combined experience as plastic pallet experts, helping customers develop the most practical and efficient material handling solutions for their needs. If you require a tailor-made pallet design, we can help assess your equipment and processes to create a product specific to your requirements.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

If you’re looking for plastic pallets that can help improve the performance of your automated material handling system, Polymer Solutions International Inc. has the answer. Contact our team online today to discuss your operational needs.

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