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Common Material Handling Mistakes to Avoid

Common Material Handling Mistakes to Avoid

Effective material handling practices are vital for promoting the safety of your employees and maintaining a smooth workflow for your business. While material transport may seem straightforward at first glance, many elements are essential to promote a productive warehouse operation, including high-quality packaging, reliable equipment and efficient storage strategies. From shipping to receiving to maintenance and cleaning, proper material handling protocol is vital for success.

Major Material Handling Mistakes

When employees don’t follow the safest and most efficient material handling practices, mistakes occur that can snowball into bigger problems down the road. Some common material handling challenges include:

  • Inadequate storage research: An effective strategy is the first step in optimizing your material handling operations. While many workers often rely on one method of material handling, it’s beneficial to research all possible options.
  • Lack of storage diversity: The flexibility to handle a diverse product range is essential. Having access to the right tools and materials in advance is much more beneficial than adapting later.
  • Honeycombing: Warehouse honeycombing gets its name from all the unused pockets of space throughout a beehive. Not using areas logically leads to disorganization, crowded aisleways and the inability to locate your products quickly.
  • Employees spending too much time on handling: When your warehouse lacks organization, employees spend more time finding products and navigating through cluttered aisleways, reducing their effectiveness.
  • Lack of scalability: It’s imperative to take a proactive approach to company growth, specifically with your material handling operation. Detailed shipping projections can help identify the equipment and space you’ll need to manage your warehouse properly.
  • Improper material handling equipment: Companies that understand the importance of durable, reliable and high-performing equipment never cut corners in costs. When businesses purchase inadequate machinery or rely too much on manual labor, inefficiencies and labor costs increase.

How to Prevent Shipping Errors With Polymer Solutions International Inc.

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We specialize in manufacturing sustainable and reusable material handling solutions that serve a diverse industry range, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals to manufacturing and retail. Let our team help you identify potential areas of improvement in your warehouse and develop an effective strategy.

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