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Is There a Water Shortage on the Horizon?

Is There a Water Shortage on the Horizon?

Water scarcity is a growing global concern. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) predicts half of the world’s population could live in water-scarce regions by 2025. Many factors contribute to our world’s increasing water shortage, including growing water demand, inadequate or collapsed infrastructure, water resource mismanagement, conflict, and climate change.

Areas that are most likely to see the impact of this water shortage include rural, low-income, or war-torn communities. Women and children are particularly affected by water shortages. Often, they must travel long distances on foot to collect clean water, taking several hours away from their time at school or in the community.

At Polymer Solutions International, we understand that adequate water storage is essential for preserving our world’s water supply. We’re proud to design sustainable water storage solutions that maximize storage and prevent contamination.

How to Properly Store Water

Food and beverage industries rely on proper water storage techniques to preserve their products and keep consumers safe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should store your water bottles in these conditions:

  • Cool temperatures: Store water in consistently cool temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Shaded locations: If possible, keeping your water bottles out of direct sunlight or heat is best.
  • Away from toxic substances: Avoid storing water containers in areas with poisonous substances like gasoline, pesticides, or cleaning chemicals.

The Benefits of Bottle Water Racks

Rigid plastic racks are an excellent way to store or transport water bottles. For example, our Bottle-Up Product Series racks make storing and retrieving water bottles a breeze. As another solution, our ProStack Product Series racks secure and protect your water bottles during shipping and handling.

Learn more about the benefits of storing bottles with our hygienic plastic racks:

  • Organization: Racks make organizing, locating, and accessing bottles easy. They also facilitate a first-in-first-out storage system.
  • Durability: Our modular racks are made from durable, injection-molded, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE does not warp or crack when exposed to extreme temperatures or sunlight.
  • Lightweight: Metal storage racks are heavy and challenging to move, while wood storage racks are susceptible to bacteria and pests. Our plastic racks are lightweight, easy to clean, and available with antimicrobial coatings.
  • Stability: Whether you store your water bottles in a basement or transfer them cross-country, our racks keep them secure to prevent spillage. They also feature built-in drip trays to catch leaks.
  • Reusability: Our racks are made from sustainable, recyclable materials. You can use them as many times as necessary.

Purchase Bottle Racks From Polymer Solutions International, Inc. Today

Since 1997, Polymer Solutions International, Inc. has been a leading global distributor of durable, reusable water bottle racks. We’re proud to be a bottled water rack manufacturer prioritizing sustainability and innovation. It’s our mission to help you design custom bottled water packaging solutions that suit your needs — all while offering a superior customer service experience.

Contact us online, or call us toll-free at 877-444-7225 to learn more about our recyclable water bottle storage solutions or request a custom quote.

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