Efficient Supply Chain Management with Plastic Pallets
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The Role of Plastic Pallets in Efficient Supply Chain Management

The Role of Plastic Pallets in Efficient Supply Chain Management

For years, Polymer Solutions International Inc. has manufactured plastic pallets and other sustainable solutions for the storage and transportation of material goods. The use of plastic pallets in the supply chain offers superior efficiency over other available options by performing better for longer and saving you money.

When keeping your supply chain moving is the most important quality in your operations, consider updating your current transportation system with Polymer Solutions International Inc.’s new plastic pallets. Though the upfront investment may feel substantial, they make back their initial costs quickly and put you on the path to long-term profits.

The Benefits of Plastic Pallets

Any industry that uses pallets in its transportation efforts has two options — using wood pallets or plastic pallets. While wooden pallets have long been the standard, there’s much evidence that the use of plastic pallets offers significant advantages over its counterpart. Plastic pallets are:

  • Lighter: The average wood pallet can weigh up to 80 pounds, while plastic pallets weigh less than 50. When transporting stock, this difference can add up fast, saving money on weight costs and letting you move more in the same trip.
  • More consistent: Depending on heat, humidity and other factors, wood pallets can shrink and expand in size and weight. Your measurements one day could change entirely by the next, leading to unstable stacks and possibly even hazardous working conditions. Plastic pallets are not affected by their environment like this.
  • Nonporous: Wood naturally takes in water and other materials it’s exposed to, meaning viruses, bacteria and other contaminants can get stuck in small crevices and be impossible to sanitize. In industries like food and pharmaceuticals, plastic pallets play the extra important role of keeping products safe for consumption.
  • Longer lasting: The maximum life span for wood pallets is typically about five years. By that point, they’re likely starting to splinter and fall apart. Plastic pallets are more durable, with an average life span of more than 10 years. Plus, once you’re done with your plastic pallets, most manufacturers will buy them back from you to recycle and reuse them in future production, reducing your carbon footprint.

Improve Efficiency in the Supply Chain With Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are a durable, sustainable alternative to the wood pallets that have driven businesses for decades. At Polymer Solutions International Inc., we aim to bring businesses like yours into the modern era. Our custom plastic pallet solutions for the supply chain will help you do more every day and maintain the safety of your staff, facility and products. Contact us today to get a quote on our services.


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