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Tips for Recycling and Disposing of Plastic Pallets Responsibily

Learning how to recycle your plastic pallets is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce your facility’s environmental impact with minimal changes to workflow and efficiency. It can also be a profitable endeavor for your business — quality plastic pallets have a high resale value thanks to their durability and versatility. Polymer Solutions International Inc. is a proud proponent of plastic pallet recycling, and we’re ready to reuse our own pallets any time we receive them.

How to Dispose of Plastic Pallets

Modern landfills are full of plastic that can remain for centuries, which is why many industries have moved away from plastic products in favor of more environmentally-friendly alternatives. However, sometimes plastic is simply the best choice for price, strength and longevity.

The good news is that most plastic can be recycled, and the right manufacturer can help you maintain your operations while improving the facility’s carbon footprint. And the best news? It only takes a couple of steps on your part:

  • Gather your pallets and secure them: Once you’re done using your pallets, store them in a safe place and keep an eye on them. Because they can sell for a significant profit, they’re often the target of thieves. Try to keep them inside your facility, a truck or somewhere the public cannot see or access.
  • Contact your pallet distributor: Many pallet distributors have a buyback program. When you send them back, the distributor can regrind the plastic and remanufacture it into new products.
  • Contact local recycling companies: If you find that, for whatever reason, the original distributor will not take back their materials, reach out to local recycling companies and see if you can set up a program with one of them. Make sure to check the pallet for a triangle with numbers inside to determine plastic quality so you can determine which collectors will work best with your materials.

After you order from Polymer Solutions International Inc., we’ll do everything we can to assist your sustainability efforts. Once our pallets have made it to the end of their useful life, we’ll buy them back and reuse the materials in future production, reducing our carbon footprints simultaneously.

Recycle Your Plastic Pallets Today

At Polymer Solutions International Inc., our commitment to sustainability runs through every product we distribute. Every pallet we create is made using recyclable plastic that limits the amount of waste going to a landfill. They’re also FM-approved to be non-halogen, keeping your products safe from fire without exposing the environment to harmful chemicals.

Do the best for your facility and the rest of the world with sustainable storage solutions from Polymer Solutions International Inc. Contact us for a free quote on custom equipment today.

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